Im almost 35. yes. Meheheheheeeeeee. What can i say. Living in a dream LOL. In this amazing ‘pandemic dream’ actually… messing up my plans for the rest of the year… however i m still trying to be positive. Things will happen in a way how should. For reasons. So heads up and keep going on. Working on my dreams.

Dont have husband and children – not even a proper boyfriend or girlfriend. Dont have house with a nice car – not even a tiny flat. And i will be 35 in a couple of days.

But i have dreams. Dreams to work on and i know i will reach them sooner or later. I have freedom. I can decide what i want, where i want and with whom i want. I have me. My best bestie ever. Get to know more and more about myself – its hard work facing with yourself in some quiet nights. But i love me. Im a great little human being and am working on continuously becoming better and better. Better friend, better daughter, better sister and better woman. Of course a better chef. LOL.

Unfortunately i cant catch up with all my loved ones on my birthday – but im still lucky to have some holiday time off and can organise some gatherings with the people who ‘i dont hate’.

Started this line with my very favourite hungarian here in Brighton, Zsuzsika. You already know her becoming famous here after the ‘raw vegan’ dinner post. :) This time i was allowed to cook and she stayed overnight and we went to swim. First time in my 10years in Brighton… first time ever i went in this cold water. We were swimming together and spent like half our in there realizing that the beach from that distance is looking much more civilised. Great fun in cold water. Was very pleased that i could do this ‘ceremony’ with my friend Zsuzsika (getting in while she was screaming hahahaha with every single wave coming). I was so greatful that i cooked a 4 course vegan dinner for us. (she actually had 5 courses cause i saved her a slice of my aged smoked wild garlic cashew block to try, with some crackers- plate 0.)

1. starter – ice cold greens – raw salad of chayote, cucumber and gooseberries. Made a cucumber and gooseberry water for dressing it up and picked some fresh borage leaves and flowers for some more ‘cold and fresh’. Simplicity is winner. With some extra virgin peppery olive oil.

2. main – black risotto – with lemongrass and lemon balm infused raw green peas. I love black (red) rice – you need to cook it like 5 times longer than normal white risotto rice – but worth the time. It will still be a bit crunchy – but with a very nice bite. And also looking fab with its dark purple color. I cooked it with garlic and wine – mixed some fresh peas thru at the end. For the puree i was making a fresh lemongrass ‘tea’ infusion and blending it with the raw frozen peas and a handful of fresh lemon balm. Decorated with freshly picked yarrow. Again. Simplicity.

3. pre-dessert. Was working on this for a couple of weeks now. I was about to call it ‘my new fudge’ – the carrot cake fudge as a promised to my friend Gigi – but Zsuzsika came up with a much more better one. Its actually a cheesecake. A ‘new york style’ cheesecake. Sugarfree and glutenfree and dairyfree. Vegan. Plus it tastes nice with a beautiful texture. You have to look for fresh and tiny (organic) carrots – they are much sweeter – then roast them. Blend it with some tahini, raw virgin coconut oil, bit of GF porridge and black cardamom. Brutal good. The crumble made with teff flour, hazelnuts, dates, date molasses and virgin raw coconut oil with pinch of seasalt. I served this with my homemade preserved lemon skin. Spot on.

4. dessert. My absolute favourite and supereasy tofu chocolate mousse. Made it with kirsch liqueur – it was pretty rich and heart warming. Hiding some cacaonibs in for crunch and topped it up with my foraged lacto fermented wild sour cherries. The cherries been in a 2% brine for not longer than a week – so they turned lovely bubbly but still carrying the fresh fruity aroma. The salt was working great with the richness of the chocolate (i used 70% organic one). Happy. Drunk.

One response to “PRE-BIRTHDAY DINNER”

  1. Marti Avatar

    Holy God, Kat! This dinner sounds awesome! I wish to be with you on your 35th birthday and celebrate your crazy-beautiful self! Happy pre-birthday my love! 😙

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