Blueberry’s Diary -13-

Week 9th.

I requested my Nutritionist to organise a proper allergy blood test for me. Its getting too complicated. I mean this… checking. Always checking on myself and looking for symptoms. I forgot how to enjoy food properly without watching every single minute afterwards. And i DO WANT TO ENJOY eating. Maybe i choose different sort of food – but i want to enjoy freely.

I need this test because:

Yesterday i had a weird day. Starting from the morning. I was ok then i had a half avocado with a cacao porridge and it blew me up like a balloon. Meeeeeeeeeh. Its just unusual, normally avocado has no effect on my belly – and the glutenfree porridge is def innocent (made with water and bitter cacao powder). What could i do – it happened – so i had to change my lunch n dinner plans for the day. Let me show you:

MONDAY. This happened after half avocado and a small bowl of overnight cacao porridge made with water. I hardly needed to cycle to work as i could possibly roll myself over to the next town with this belly. :)

TUESDAY. This is how i usually look like when i do my morning yoga. Yeah yeah well… no pregnancy here.

I was going to try some fermented mushroom i made 3months ago – containing traces of gluten (made with rye bread starter) so i wasnt able to eat them… but i decided on the 10th week of my diet – hell i should try some – see whats my belly’s reaction to it. I was very sad – i just had to cancel them ‘again’. I was already bloated like crazy – so if i was eating some ‘questionable’ ingredients – i could not point out the effect it can possible cause – because i was already suffering of uncomfortable symptoms. So was just no point to do ‘test’. I made myself a huge vegan berry protein shake for the afternoon (giving a break to my digestion) and some safe roasted carrot with goat cheese (goat cheese is safe and caused no symptoms before) for the night.

Thinking if i keep it safe my tommy will be fine so i can test myself the next day. Ohohohohoooooh i was so wrong. After my vegan berry protein shake i was starting to suffer from crazy farting. Gas n gas n gas. Non stop. This never happened -as baaaad- before. I added some pure canned coconut milk to the shake – maybe that was the naughty one (however i do drink my coffee with this from time to time). I just got more confused. Day wasnt looking too good.

Finally i had my ‘lunch-dinner’ after 9pm… the carrots with goat cheese and seed crackers. By that time it didnt change anything on my circumstances. I was bloated and suffering from cramps causing by my gases. Woooow i couldnt wait to get back home and to bed so i can finish that shitty day not understanding my stomach behaviour at all.

Woke up next day and all good again. I need that allergy test – avocado was always ok, just as coconut milk and strawberries… carrot also my big safe player. Still. I guess if i pull the trigger in the morning – its almost impossible to get back to normal. Also im not even sure now what normal is. Cause i feel good when i have empty stomach – but is that ok? Am i confused, when i worry about ‘having food in my stomach’ – doesnt mean its bloated or not digesting at all… im confused. Sometimes i do forgot to enjoy im eating. Crazy. Lets test it out!!!

I still managed to make some great plates of food – during this ‘ups and downs’ period of time. I foraged lots of stuff (artichoke, borage, nettles) but the best discovery was my ‘new artichoke’ thistles. I found them taste great – bit nutty, green, like fresh bamboo shoot. Great stuff.

Open up your mouth…!

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