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So my diet is going pretty well. Still a lot to work on, re-entering the food i avoided its much more slower procedure than i thought. Keep loosing weight, another kilo. Im still a bit shocked to be fair of the effect of easy white sugar on the human body. I am everything but starving, eating enough, maybe having very light dinners (usually just vegetables or dips with crackers) but even enjoying the snacking again – im literally in love with my new ‘healthy fudge’ experiments using only natural and good ingredients. Newest member of the family is the black olive one.

black olive and touch of pure orange oil

With this you can go quite ‘wrong’ if you want to make it cheap – sorry saying this but true. Its based on smooth almond butter and virgin coconut oil with some raw cacao butter and black olives of course. I tried a couple of version of this – good touch using some orange oil or tonka bean for an extra hint from the background. So you really want to make difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil also raw cacao butter and cocoa butter. Its not time and place for advertisement – but one is good for you – the other one is ‘just sounds like its good’ for you. Go and google it out. :) So im having some small bits of these with my afternoon coffee – and i dont feel guilty believe me. :) (Carrot cake fudge is coming soon pinky promise Gigi :P )

White caster sugar still on my ‘death list’ hahaha… well i tell you what – i do allow that sort of sugar if im making pickles or ferments – as the sugar will change during the natural fermentation proccess. And im experimenting with sorbets and gelatos because the basic sugar anti-freezing effect is just remarkeble and my whole knowledge built on that. So lots to learn again :).

great touch some tonka bean with black olive

About re-entering foods… i start to beleive that im quite ok with dairy products. With goat’s and sheep’s stuff for sure (if you dont know the difference worth to read about here, very interesting…) . U might ask – why i cant say 100% by now – i should just drink a pint of milk with every meal for a day right? Yepppp…. so when i plan my food for the day and involve some dairy – i have to play everything else very safe. I mean safer than safe. Cause there are foods making you fart (making everybody fart) and blowing you up or even making your digestion slow. It doesnt mean you have an intolerance – its just the type of food. So when i do dairy in a day i try to stick with easy rice or baked potato… crackers and some stuff i know totally safe – like boiled egg. Cause all the vegetable with their fibres can effect your guts – which would mislead you while focusing on the dairy. Plus i was asking my nutritionist, Sally about the symptomps i should keep my eye on to make things easier – well hahahahaha no easy answer.

” from gut issues to brain fog, fatigue, mood changes, joint aches, headaches etc “ – well most of these issues are coming and going in my life in general from day by day HAHAHAHAHA. So yeah – that is the reason why i find it difficult to judge about my dairy tolerance. But i had some good days without any negative symptoms while was having sheep’s yoghurt and also last time i had a huge piece of very nice goat cheese with some roasted carrots (playing safe) and i felt great that evening and even the next morning without issues. Im not a huge fan of cow’s milk anyway – but i try my homemade ‘cow’s milk kefir’ in a couple of days – see how it goes.

easy ‘bloody lookin’ dinner – tempeh and beetroot

After tracing down the dairy path – i will focus on the gluten. Im ok without bread and pasta to be fair. Only reason i want to try it hard because of that 10 different fermented stuff sleeping in their jar in the bottom-back of my fridge. I made those with sourdough starter (just before starting my diet) so containing traces of rye. And i know they are absolute mind-blowingly deliciousssssssss :) So i will start with them and fingers cross. The end of this week.

8th week Foodplan here:


Monday: Avocado n nettle tofu cream with puffed rice n blueberries

Tuesday: Apricot, millet pudding with lavender and sheeps yoghurt!!!

Wednesday: Strawberry vegan protein black rice pudding

Thursday: Kiwi in soy yoghurt n GF oats, flaxseed

Friday: Rhubarb tonka rice pudding

Saturday: Raspberries with puffed rice and pumpkin seed butter

Sunday: Avocado n nettle tofu with gooseberries and GFporridge


Monday: Asparagus with lemon GF gnocchi in smoked fish sauce

Tuesday: Black rice with 64 degrees eggs n fennel pollen

Wednesday: Sunflower seed and cauliflower risotto with burnt shallot puree

Thursday: Strawberry frozen vegan  protein shake

Friday: Whey coffee and chocolate protein

Saturday: Smoked tofu with asparagus, fennel and courgettes stir fry

Sunday: Trout with miso daikon and foraged seaweeds


Monday: Tempeh with pickled beetroot n rice crackers

Tuesday: Vegan cheese with sheep’s yoghurt on crackers

Wednesday: Roasted carrots

Thursday: Miso Monkfish with ginger fermented strawberries and millet

Friday: Special Zsuzsika dinner***

Saturday: Beetroot with 64 eggs with crackers

Sunday: Beetroot with boiled egg

rice penne with foraged pesto, baby courgettes and fermented wild garlic capers nomnom

*** very special dinner is coming for a quick footnote post separately. It was amazing let me tell :)

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