As i promised – i ll show you my very ‘diet friendly’ healthy snacks im working on. Because living without SUGAR is one thing – but living without my passion of creating creative sweets – doesnt work it out. And after 49 days of –sugar detox– i decided i do deserve some love. Even if its something unusual. And i ended up having great results so far.

The idea was simply coming from my great breakfast bowl experience recently – when i was using vegetables for my porridge focusing on their natural sugar content. HUGE. Of course you feel sweetness much more if you stop or reduce your average caster sugar intake for a while so your little taste receptors can really feel the difference (i would never give one of my ‘sweet snack’ to someone who is having coffee with milk and 3 sugars – simply cause it wont work).

I tried first with my new absolut favourite breakfast vegetable – BEETROOT. Ok ok ok – i have to be honest. Before all my diet – i tried only once baking a beetroot chocolate brownie – and i wasnt impressed. I guess that was the time – when i had sugar running in my veins instead of blood. But rejected ‘real bad sugar’ for a couple of days – really makes a difference in your taste buds. Beetroot was ‘THE THING’ what could make my porridge actually sweet. So my first ‘fudge’ attempt was all over this round pink root. And no disappointment. OoooohMG.

looking ‘bloody good’

Easy and no actual baking method needed. Time consuming a little bit only because you have to cook your beetroot. And NO PLEASE DONT SKIP THIS PART. I tired – i tried making it with already cooked beetroot from supermarket. Its ok – IT IS OK – but it can be sweeter believe me. Get lovely bunch of raw organic beetroot with the green leaves on (u can keep it longer) and cook it in water. I know it will take a while – if u want to hurry up a bit u can peel them raw and cut smaller pieces to speed up the proccess (however u will cook away a nice amount of nutritions into the water and its not what we want – unless you have a vac pac machine and u can cook the small pieces in a sealed vacpacbag… meeeeeh). Anyway – try to buy not huge beetroots so it wont take ‘forever’ LOL.

Cook your beets, meanwhile mix up the rest of your ingredients – oats/porridge (i use glutenfree oat because of my diet at the moment) with bitter cacao powder in a bowl. Melt your cacao butter, seriously good quality dark chocolate and coconut oil in the micro or on bain marie and add vanilla or tonka beans or cinnamon or any love you prefer on that day. Then first blend the cooked and peeled beetroot with your dry stuff then blend your fats in. Make sure its nice and smooth puree. U can pour into any container you think it will work or even silicon mold. For some texture i sprinkle this with some crunchy cacao nibs and after cooling down i roll them in dehydrated beetroot powder. But its just me being ‘overfoodie-goodie’, u can use nothing or just a touch of bitter cacao powder. PRETTY F@CKIN DELICIOUS. Let it cool down in the fridge and portion it out. The recipe i write down here is for about 8 portions (dont be too greedy LOL) but also can be cut little bites – perfect for your afternoon coffee with no guilt (having it with black coffee even makes it more sweet – ‘trick with me’) .

Beetroot fudge– if you cut into 8 portions – one portion is about 91cal

  • approx 250g cooked beetroot
  • 100g oats/porridge
  • 25g bitter cacao powder
  • 20g cacao butter
  • 20g coconut oil
  • 20g seriously good quality dark chocolate (min 75%)
  • (vanilla, tonka bean, cinnamon etc)

Finishing off with some cacao nibs, beetroot powder, cacao powder.

Becoming very curious after this first try – i made a second one with another great supersweet complex carb. vegetable – SWEET POTATO. I made this one in the same way, first i roasted the potato in its skin, then blend it with glutenfree oats, added melted cacao butter with (bit more) coconut oil (obviously skipped the cacao and chocolate bits) and for some more structure blended some desiccated coconut. Extra touch was some tonka bean. NomNom. I decorated the top with some toasted coconut flakes and its got a pinch of seasalt flakes. Another great one.

Keep playin’

Open up your mouth…!

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