Hello Everyone! Im here after the 7th week of diet – yeah its crazy – after 49 days!!! Keep doing it. Im back again – bit more positive and ‘happy’ than i was when i wrote my last ‘report’. I guess we all have our ‘ups-and downs’ in every field of life – in general. Since then i also kindof realized… that my brain has got huge power over me. Sometimes does happen that my brain creates symptoms i beleive. Also that if i focus on myself and on my digestion 24/7 – its not very healthy and helpful – because i m willing to talk things into myself – instead of just let my digestion alone and trust in it. You know when you focus on something very much – like a toothache or overslept shoulder – and the pain becomes more alive. Thanx brain. So i decided to focus on myself and keep writing the notes and diary about my developments – but also not spending every single minute about worrying my belly size.

footnote: havent mentioned yet – i lost 4 kilos/ 9pounds thanks to ‘no sugar and no white gluten’ diet. Let me rephrase – i dont think i ve ever been that lean before in my life. I see every single muscle in my body i was working on the gym in the last couple of years – and every muscle im growing now with yoga and mixing at work. So really have no reason to be paranoid about my body. Ssssssssssssssssssh brain!

Also started to take liquid zinc – to support my digestion, metabolism and million other things going on in my body. Advised now to put a few new things into my diet –

Bioflavanoids and Vitamin C are needed for collagen synthesis: blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, black currants, cherries (frozen is fine), cinnamon, red grapes, red cabbage, red onions, green tea, acai, peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines and garlic. For Vitamin C im looking for papaya, peppers, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, green leafy vegetables and oranges. So now i have a good range of fruits i can enjoy – with their natural fructose content.

herb risotto stuffed baby squid and courgette flower

Here is my food plan for week 7th. I still enjoy making it and being creative – however im not planning a whole week ahead that strictly… mostly because i dont know how i will feel about certain food – and being at work and busy i cant always go and find the food i would like to. But i think im still doing pretty well.


Monday: Peach, puffed rice, sweetcorn – ‘Snack’

Tuesday: Strawberry, rose chai porridge, coconut

Wednesday: Banana, real dairy yoghurt

Thursday: Blueberry millet pudding

Friday: Cooked  cinnamon apple w porridge n peanut butter

Saturday: Orange and blueberries overnight oats with pistachio – Whey protein

Sunday: Banana cacao soy yoghurt with nibs and puffed quinoa – ‘Snack’


Monday: Pea pasta with foraged pesto and vegan cheese, anchovies

Tuesday: Potato nettle cream with fried egg

Wednesday: Smoked salmon with nettle pasta and fennel in coconut cream

Thursday: ‘Snack’ with coffee

Friday: ‘Snack’ with coffee

Saturday: Spinach potato cream with courgette flower and tempeh

Sunday: Fermented tomato – cucumber gazpacho with smoked tofu


Monday: Fermented chickpea with seed crackers

Tuesday: Rice cracker

Wednesday: Avocado with wild garlic crackers

Thursday: Baby squid with brown rice risotto stuffed in courgette flowers and 2 glasses of red wine

Friday: Black Bream with asparagus, fennel coconut and preserved lemon GF gnocchi, sage, 2 glasses of red wine

Saturday: Cucumber n mint salad with rice puff

Sunday: Curry-Carrot dip with smoked salmon n seed crackers

awesome wild fennel, wild garlic and mallow flowers omega3 crackers

As you see i tried with 2 dairy ‘product’ this week – first i finished the cow’s milk yoghurt for breakfast. I had no signs of any uncomfortable feeling all day- all night – however i did have a bit of a tommy ache when i was cycling home from work. But its again, it could have been the fennel from lunch or even too much wild garlic in my crackers for dinner. I just dont really know what sort of ‘symptoms’ i should wait for. Its hard to guess and know it for sure. But i tried my whey protein shake in the weekend. I did feel a bit uncomfortable – not after the shake but after my lunch which was tempeh. I know i know – it wasnt a good plan – i know i always have some troubles digesting tempeh unfortunately. But i am aware of this by now at least. So i cant judge about the whey – i have to try it again in ‘safe’ circumstances. Also i will try sheep’s yoghurt next week for breakfast – and trying to finish the pot off for ‘dinner dipping’. That day i will play safe only with some rice – so i must get a proper picture of my dairy intolerance (starting to doubt about having problems with lactose and dairy products in genereal – as i was eating icecreams all in my life in every circumstances without suffering anything… but well. lets find out again).

Also you can see – i ve been ‘snacking’ again. LOL. Well its actually not real snack. But after 7 weeks of diet beleive me i was carving for sweets. Very ducking much. So i started my new project. Creating diet-friendly pudding (more coming in the next blogpost pinky promise). Using the sweetness of some vegetables i experiment to making ‘healthy fudge’. A perfect bite for my afternoon coffee.

beetroot and sweet potato ‘fudge’

Open up your mouth…!

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