Sorry im late. I owe you the result of the 6th week.

Its being pretty rough lately. Im being in a proper emotional rollercoaster and its hard to deal with it myself. After the first 5 weeks i finally reached the point when i started to re-enter some avoided stuff into my diet. Its more cruel than i thought. After the first period of success – pretty disappointed facing with bloated belly and farts and some sort of weird pain again. When you think u are a winner and it wasnt that hard – have to reailze quickly that the challenge actually starting just now.

Because i took out lots of stuff from my body – now i really have to take it easy and enter each every element one by one. Super slowly. Cant just jump in – as i ‘kindof’ did – and i felt so sooooo disappointed again. Because some of the sypmtoms came back obviously. I have to understand that its ok – symptoms should come back while im getting back to the ‘old habits’. Now i can focus and point on them more precisely. My brain knows its ok – my heart says i m failed and i feel i have to start the whole thing again (which i know its not true).

clams with foraged sea veg and soba noodles

Everything started on that Wednesday on the 6th week with the ‘yoghurt challenge’. I know one part of me made such a huge deal of taking some dairy again – so i might cause the issue with my own brain and made ‘it’ happen. I felt weird on that day – not straight after having the breakfast but late afternoon at work – suddenly i ran out of energy, almost felt i will faint if i dont sit down and eat something. It didnt help much – i spent the rest of the evening feeling pretty shit at work. Was trying not to blame poor yoghurt only, as i was tired – mixing too much at work, my arms were in horrible pain every morning (was stressed cause i could not do my yoga neither) plus i got anxious because my Mum had to go to the hospital. So every stupid cloud was just above me ready to start the storm. Poor poor yoghurt. The rest of the week was a bit weird then… my first dayoff i spent with friends coming from London and we did a bit of a wild garlic capers-mission in the woods then got slightly drunk on that night. After i got a very special mushroom posted by a forager friend – so i cooked that on my second day off having a workmate coming over to enjoy… The dinner was fine (chicken of the woods mushroom) – was weird but delicious… however i had a moment thinking of throwing up in the very early morning – didnt – but was suffering with my digestion on the following days. This didnt help neither (i was aware that mushrooms are always bit tough for me). Then i just got bloated again to tyring some fermented chicpeas – and that was the cherry on top (i did know that chickpea always blows me up). Got fed up – my belly got tired – wasnt very successful week at all.

chicken of the woods mushroom with wild garlic and elderflower jus

So its not just about amazing success. I have to be positive and keep working on my diet. I noted a couple of facts at least –

  • sweetcorn blows me up like a balloon
  • farting from shop bought almond milk
  • mushrooms are not easy-beasy to digest
  • even fermented chickpeas are blowing me up in the air
  • maybe problem with cow dairy

Also an interesting point – that certain food are easy to digest ‘sometimes’ if i pair with some certain stuff. Still trying to understand myself properly – sweet potato ok sometimes but not good other times. Hm Hmmmmm.

So here is my 6th week food plan. I keep learning a lot about myself.


Monday: Beetroot rose chai porridge, flaxseed, walnut, cacao nibs

Tuesday: Strawberries with coconut yoghurt, pecan, puffed rice

Wednesday: Beetroot with real yoghurt and chia pudding

Thursday: Banana, tahini tofu with ginger, seeds n extra strawberries

Friday: Raspberries with coconut yoghurt, coconut flakes

Saturday: Avocado with matcha, acacia flowers and flaxseed

Sunday: Raspberry tofu with elderflower and tahini


Monday: Roasted carrots in mustard cream and sauerkraut

Tuesday: Cauliflower and potato cream soup with lacto blueberries n black olives

Wednesday: Smoked tomato with jackfruit n red onion

Thursday: Seed crackers

Friday: Blueberry protein

Saturday: Clams, seakale, samphire n soba noodles

Sunday: Chicken of the woods with spinach, avocado and asparagus spring rolls n mustard


Monday: Prawns and wild fennel n spinach tofu cream

Tuesday: Potato with black olive tapenade

Wednesday: Strawberry with crackers

Thursday: Smoked cod n asparagus & pea risotto with RED WINE

Friday: Chicken of the woods mushroom with polenta, preserved kumquat, elderflower jus, sage glass of ORANGE WINE

Saturday: Wild garlic hummus with corn crackers

Sunday: Fermented chickpea hummus on seed crackers

Well… it wasnt a very successful week for sure. Im trying not to get lost in my rollercoaster mood swings and focus on myself being positive. The negative or not too good result is result. There is always a next day and always a new challenge. SO KEEP PUSHING (but not going crazy…)

foraging dinner :)

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