Ok. Lets jump into the 5th week. I had my consultation with Sally – and no, my diet has not finished at all. But the interesting part is just coming up now. Basically i keep some of the basic restrictions – i dont touch gluten for now. I still dont do sugar – but i allow myself some basic seasonings with a minimal amount of sugar innit – like mustard or tamari. Still not going to drink sticky BBQ sauce from a jar hahhahahahaha but i can cook with dry wine. More!!! actually – i had some wine on my day off with my dinner…. and it was heaven itself. I had 3 glasses of a beautiful hungarian Pinot Noir – with great food, bath with candles and a shitty movie which i didnt finish cause i decided to sleep 10 hours instead. What a great decision. What a perfect day off – and a spot on ‘payback’. Cherry on top – no negative symptoms came back with the wine – no bloated belly or farts or pain or heaviness. I was one of the happiest girl in the world. Still i am. And not being greedy – for now i decided to having wine with moderation so my next ‘wine date’ will happen in a week. Once a week.

carrot, sauerkraut, mustard

Plus another challenge – i will try to re-introduce some dairy in my life, starting with some lacto-bacillus filled natural yoghurt. I will have it for breakfast and dinner – making sure my body gets enough to react if there is some intolerance going on – also not having anything ‘questionable’ on my plate on that day. See if i will get any symptoms – it will caused by the yoghurt only. And the reaction time can take up 3 days actually – so i have to keep my eye on my digestion for 3 days. Also trying with nuts. I miss nuts soooo much – especially my crunchy naughty peanut butter. Being licked off from a spoon – how simple is that. So i will try to add some nuts in my diet in a form of liquid – almond/cashew milk, flour or butter. See how it goes slowly slowly.

In the meanwhile…. here is my 5th week food plan. Was fun.


Monday: Fennel tofu with orange and omega3 seeds

Tuesday: Beetroot, yoghurt, coconut, cacao nibs

Wednesday: Banana tahini, strawberries, cacao nibs, flaxseed

Thursday: Blueberry, rosemary soy chai porridge w chia

Friday: Avocado, tofu, matcha, millet, oxalis

Saturday: Apricot, vanilla, quinoa puff, flaxseed

Sunday: Apple, elderflower GF oats, chia


Monday: Prawn w broccoli, lemon balm, lacto berries in spring roll

Tuesday: Asparagus with peanut tofu, preserved lemon

Wednesday: Jackfruit BBQ with kimchi in arepas

Thursday: Apple, seed crackers

Friday: Corn crackers with wild green hummus

Saturday: 64 degrees egg with kale, GF nettle pasta n foraged pesto

Sunday: Cauliflower, 64egg, mushroom yerk, wild garlic capers

Kimchi jackfruit arepas


Monday: Potato nettle cream w anchovy n seed crackers

Tuesday: Tomato puree, fried egg w rice crackers

Wednesday: Asparagus, hummus, seed crackers

Thursday: Pea cockle risotto (cooked with wine) in onion, plus gorgeous RED WINE!

Friday: Bream with saffron rhubarb n potato, sea purslane

Saturday: Avocado, broccoli with wild fennel on rice crackers

Sunday: Tuna with potato n boiled egg salad

I dont really miss wheat flour in my life – i miss more the possibilities and creativity i can do with fresh pasta – the fillings and shaping etc. So i tried to make my first gluten free nettle pasta.

I used xanthan to mimic the gluten – it did not work perfectly – i could not roll this in my pasta machine – so i went back for the basic rolling pin. Got a bit thick – but well. Cant really complain – took a bit longer time to cook but kept it shape with perfection.

nettle fusilli al ferretto

A bit of work on it and will be perfect.

footnote: recipe – 150g rice flour, 50g potato starch, 1 tbsp corn flour, 2 tbsp xanthan gum, salt, 3 eggs, 1 big handful of blanched nettle leaves and tbsp olive oil.

At this point i am very positive – i do get tired time to time and want nothing else but a simple tuna&potato salad – but i guess its fine. Lets push the challenge further and see whats happening with my beloved nuts and ‘cheese’ (more about my icecream future? :)))).

Open up your mouth…!

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