Let me show you a great trick i have in my pocket. Even if u are not a huge fun of tofu – but this is a different story. Let me introduce you my best friend (especially in this diet) – Mr. Silken Tofu.

If u follow me here and/or watching my Utube channel must remember i used this baby before in the christmas edition making a gorgeous sweet white chocolate sherry tofu cream. OMG now just thinking about it and my mouth is watering me away…. #missmysweets (recipe is at the end of the video)

Now i want to show how versatile is this and how simple is to use it. Both in sweet and savoury dishes.

I cant have dairy for a while – well actually i will try to re-introduce into my life next week starting with some healthy yoghurt and kefir… but having a double cream mousse looks like still ‘a faaaar away story’. Sorting out this problem – found silken tofu which gives you a very pleasant texture after blending it, and u can blend it with anything pretty much.

Here i made an elderflower fennel cream. First cooked the fennel in elderflower and some lemon juice – then blend it with some silken tofu. Because i cant take sugar (and this was for breakfast) this stuff needed the orange i ate with to make it taste really nice (otherwise some honey could have done a real miracle i guess). But if u want – this thing easily can be a part of a savoury dish also – company of a nice piece of fish (with fresh lemon juice) or anything what a fennel can take.

footnote: I used one small fennel with one lemon juice, 2 elderflower heads and half tofu – to start from somewhere.

fennel tofu with elderflower, orange and omega3 seeds

After a month having no nuts in my life… i was carving for my spoonful of peanut butter. I got it eventually. In some silken tofu and tamari sauce. Here i blended my dark roasted peanut butter with some salty glutenfree tamari then added the silken tofu. Dependnig how salty or runny u want the result – keep adding your tamari.

footnote: i used 2 big tbsp of peanut butter with 2 tbsp of tamari sauce, extra salt and half silken tofu.

It was a supersexy garnish for my beloved asparagus. Just in season now so eat as much as u can!!!

asparagus with peanut tofu and tamari

Then here is another breakfast beauty. Also easily can be turned into savoury. In this diet i realised how amazingly naturally sweet beetroot is. So for now on this is one of my very favourite breakfast vegetable. Just cook your beet and season however you like. Its very sweet (perfect for me) without adding anything – so feel free to adjust however u like – salt or vinegar if you go for savoury dish or maybe some extra maple syrup if u try me and getting your breakfast cereal out.

footnote: i used one medium cooked beet with half silken tofu.

Also looking fantastic. Supersexy. My favourite combination is with rose and cacao nibs.

beetroot tofu with cacao nibs and puffed quinoa

Last but not least… one of the other massive favourite i have. Avocado tofu. Because avocado is just so freakin’ versatile that is just working with everything perfectly. Since i lived in Mexico – this became one of my very favourite fruit/vegetable. Unfortunately i am aware of how bad is avocado farming to the environment – so encourage everyone to lower the avocado intake… as i try to do by reducing one piece to every 1-2weeks. It is very healthy and full on with good fats and vitamin B, K, C, E… so i think good to eat sometimes. With moderation – if u care for the environment.

footnote: i used one perfectly ripe avocado with half silken tofu and half lemon juice. Great with some honey also.

So just get some perfectly ripe avocado and blend it with tofu. I always add a touch of lemon juice cause its goes very well with it and also prevent oxidation. My perfect breakfast bowl contains this with some matcha and millet.

avo tofu with matcha, millet and oxalis

Here i have to mention – i had a pretty f’ckin awesome dessert at 64 degrees using avocado tofu as a part of my brownie & coffee dish. See if i can find the photo….

It was a great flavour combination – avocado – chocolate – coffee.

This ‘legally’ doesnt fit in my diet right now (cause of the sugar). But i will have some more at some point in my life. For sure.

footnote: recipe- 6avocadoes, 1 silken tofu, 1 lemon juice, 1 tsb citric acid, 100 sugar – blend and add 300g melted white chocolate with 150g melted coconut oil. Its not even that sweet… :)

As you see… silken tofu is just freakin amazing. Try anyone – nobody would ever guess soy in their dish. :P

Open up your mouth…!

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