Blueberry’s Diary -8-

Well well… wasnt easy but i got to my last week. Its not done yet – my whole proccess is just arriving to the most exciting part after all – to the ‘reset’ period. (and hopefully my glass of wine)

Here is my 4th week food plan. I think i did a great job again – but u judge. I eat.


Monday: Beetroot GFporridge in rose soy chai, chia seeds n sunflower butter, cococoffee

Tuesday: Carrot millet porridge with sesame seed and cacao, cococoffee

Wednesday: Strawberries with coconut yoghurt n chia in woodruff infusion, soycoffee

Thursday: Beetroot tofu, sweetcorn, omega3 seeds, cococoffee

Friday: Raspberries with quinoa puffs in pine soy latte n pine seeds, soycoffee

Saturday: Rhubarb vanilla rice pudding, hawthorn flowers n coconut flakes

Sunday: Orange n fennel porridge with elderflower


Monday: Salted cod with guacamole in jack by the hedge leaves, coffee rice protein shake

Tuesday: Banana blossom in chickpea batter with  courgettes n wild garlic salt

Wednesday: Yellow coconut curry with banana blossom, carrot n potato, rice crackers

Thursday: Kale and blueberry rice protein shake

Friday: Coffee vanilla pea protein shake

Saturday: Crab with rice pasta, cherry tomatoes and lacto berries, mustard greens

Sunday: Sweet potato omelette with mackerel n fermented sea-vegetables


Monday: Avocado with socca chickpea flatbread

Tuesday: Smoked scallop roe hummus with corn crackers

Wednesday: Salmon, lacto berries, polenta

Thursday: Beetroot risotto with foraged greens and vegan cheese

Friday: Sweet potato and smoked tofu

Saturday: ups i missed this :P

Sunday: Mushroom and mustard pesto on rice creackers

my take away superfood – nettle

I feel great. And i feel hungry again. Im not fighting against this feeling, actually i quite like to go to bed with a light feeling in my stomach and wake up hungry as a wolf. My bloated belly fully (90%) disappeared by now. Like never been with me. Jeeeez unbelievable i was carrying that 4-5months old heavy baby for such a long time with me. It caused me depression and even lower my ‘sexual apetite’ close to zero (very unsusual to me :))) – simply i just didnt feel attractive anymore. And the feeling of being hungry but also feel your belly under pressure so u should not eat really but even if u skip a whole day eating u still feel the same so u ending up eating and make everything worse…. aaaaaaa. Horrible horrible cycle. Over. Done. Im done with that. I feel great again and attractive and i dont have to spend hours trying to find clothes – not to show my bloated belly with the unborn baby innit.

So keep pushing. Keep pushing your limits and You can do it. Feel great again. Its not a place of advertisement really. I want You to feel as good as i am. Because nothing is impossible and u can cure yourself. We are all different and our body is different with different working mechanism, the result might coming easier or harder, faster or slower – just dont give up! Trust yourself and give a chance that u can make a change. You can do it. :)))

I will have my second appointment with my nutritionist today. See how are we doing and going from now on – to re-enter my be-loved cheese and pasta again. Or not. Or nut. LOL. We see.

My Nutritionist is Sally:

Sally Galloway BA (Hons) Dip Nat Nut CNM MBANT CNCH reg Nutritional Therapist Naturopathic Chef

One response to “Blueberry’s Diary -8-”

  1. Good effort. Great work.

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