Just finishing my 3rd week of diet. What can i say… its hard. But… also its getting easier by now. There are tough moments when i really need my strong (hungarian) superpower to stop myself mostly from snacking or just having ‘one bite’ before go to sleep… but i m stronger. Things stopped missing – i dont think about bread or cheese anymore. Weird. I do miss maple syrup as my main seasoning for all the sweets i take (coffee, tofu mousse, pancake, porridge) and beatiful plain dark chocolate buttons. Well. Its not forever i know. Other than this im kindof still enjoying the creativity part of making interesting food plan for every day. Its challenging.

buckwheat pasta with mushrooms and lacto-fermented blueberries

Challenge mostly because im doing this alone – so i have to ‘half’ almost everything while im cooking – and trying to invert the ‘second’ half into the menu as soon as possible, before it goes off. For example if i have a sweet potato coconut curry on monday lunch – i will use only half of a huge sweet potato for that – as i want to eat this only once. The other half will sit in the fridge for one max two days when i will make a sweet potato hummus with it. See what im talking about. Same with most of the things – they are just two big for one serving for me. Or saving time – im having risotto for Tuesday dinner – i cook enough rice so i can have a rice pudding for breakfast the day after. Still need to cook quite a lot – but just being clever with it.

Here is my 3rd week food plan. I think im getting better and better with it. Love this sort of creativity.


Monday: Rhubarb, millet with coconut flakes, flaxseed, hempcoffee

Tuesday: Apple, matcha, sunflower  butter, rice puffs, hempcoffee

Wednesday: Pear, lilac chai porridge and chia seeds, hempcoffee

Thursday: Lacto-berries, soy yoghurt, chia and quinoa, pumpkin seed – oatcoffee

Friday: Rhubarb coconut rice pudding, sunflower butter, oatcoffee

Saturday: Beetroot with hawthorn chai, GFoat cacao nib, oatcoffee

Sunday: Sweetcorn pudding with cardamom  n elderflower, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, cococoffee

I have to admit… i got a bit obsessed with breakfast – i guess u can see. I realised that there is much more out there than chocolate-granola. And because before i was just pumping my muesli up with bananas and more bananas… with dates and more dates and grapes (i miss them so much) and everything whats packed with sugar really… i didnt see anything behind the ‘sugarclouds’. Now im having very small amount of fruits – with small amount of natural sugar innit… so i have to be very creative to make it into something i wish for.

footnote: my body is using energy whats coming from real complex carbs – not simple sugars – last much more longer, good for the guts and the whole body

Also usually im having breakfast after my yoga session around midday – it has to fill me up with energy till my lunch (around 7 hours later). But because finally i got my sugarfree – glutenfree- dairyfree protein powder – i can fill that big time gap and its working fine.

So spring is here – i keep foraging and everything is blooming – thats why im so happy using freshly picked flowers not just for decoration but also for flavours. I started to make proper flower infused chai soy ‘latte’ and i soak my porridge in this – which is awesome! Also the biggest invention of the year – beetroot for breakfast!!!! Love it.


Monday: Tofu, tomato, wild garlic and runner beans tacos, cacao protein shake

Tuesday: Prawn buckwheat risotto with preserved kumquats n foraged sea beet n fennel, coffee rice protein

Wednesday: Courgette with foraged pesto n preserved lemon, quinoa and egg, soycoffee

Thursday: Banana coconut pea protein shake, black coffee

Friday: Matcha pea protein shake

Saturday: Mushroom with buckwheat pasta n fermented blueberries, coffee protein shake

Sunday: Jacket potato with smoked tofu and wild garlic, vegan cheese


Monday: Asparagus, vegan cheese, toasted oat

Tuesday: Baba Ganoush with sauerkraut n rice crackers

Wednesday: Wild garlic hummus on seed crackers

Thursday: Mackerel,  fermented mustard, saffron aioli

Friday: Scallops, seakale in seaweed congee, elderflower

Saturday: ups…. i missed this

Sunday: Kale-bean hummus with foraged pesto and seed crackers

Quick trick. As i mentioned im usually having small snack dinners cause its just simply too late (around midnight) to eat proper portion. I make ‘hummus’ out of everything. I know i should not call it hummus if it does not contain chickpea – but well… i found it easier. And its usually made with chickpeas or beans – with tahini and lemon juice, just adding some extra love, like cooked beetroot, kale or roasted peppers. Great little dip for some easy crackers – not to finish the day with an empty stomach (but also not putting too much pressure on it).

wild garlic-bean hummus with spicy honesty flowers and homemade crispy seed crackers

And… how do i feel at the end of my 3rd week physically? Well…. great. I dont want to sound ‘too much’ – so im not saying i feel i re-born. But kindof. Keep having the same benefits like before. No pain, no farting (only special occasions LOL), bloated belly state is minimal and i feel good. No heaviness and digestion difficulties. On the top of the diet of course im working very hard on ‘me’, on my body. Doing yoga every morning (being cheeky and climb up already to the intermediate class in my mobile app hihihi), after cycling to work and back (16 km each day) – and of course doing ‘heavy lifting’ in the bakery (couple of hundreds of kilos of flour and bread dough LOL). So yes – im having a pretty active life-style at the moment so i do need to feed myself properly.

And i just…. feel great.

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