After the first week i feel a bit better prepared in the second one. Food-plan-wise. I realised after the first couple of days that this diet needs a ‘bit’ of a preparation (and i cant just eat what i have in the cupboard) and a proper brainstorming. I spent a couple of hours to do a ‘menu’ for each day – to fit for my apetite, liftstyle, time and work possibilities. Obviously we are all different – loving different stuff and having different amount of spare time to cook per day with different ingredients. If u live with your partner or in a family – u might find it easier to cook enough for everyone (unless they will make your life harder complaining about everything LOL). Im alone so nobody is crying about the food i cook – so i can focus on the nutritional values also not just the look (however im a chef so its crazy important for meeeee :)). Oh and keep eating my wild plants and vegetables. Foraging is great – fun – healthy.

So this is how my second week food plan looks like: (trying to follow the season also)


Monday: raspberries, GFoats, chia seeds, coconut flakes, cococoffee

Tuesday: pear w soy yoghurt, rice puffs, cococoffee

Wednesday: grated apple, GFporridge, coconut, chia n flaxseed, matcha powder, cococoffee

Thursday: orange w soy yoghurt, millet, bitter cacao powder, flaxseed flour

Friday: bluberries, GFporridge w pumpkin seed flour, chia seeds w soy yoghurt, cococoffee

Saturday: hempcoffee, upppps i missed this breakfast

Sunday: grated cooked beetroot, chia seeds w soy yoghurt, GFoats n cacaonibs, hempcoffee


Monday: broccoli-cream with quinoa and smoked peppered mackerel

Tuesday: tempeh with broccoli and spinach-cream and sesame

Wednesday: squid with stir fry (green beans, lemon juice)

Thursday: orange with coconut flakes and black coffee

Friday: tahini with crackers and coconut coffee

Saturday: egg white omlette with millet, herbs in tomato sauce

Sunday: asparagus, egg white omlette, herbs, sunflower seed butter


Monday: rice crackers with tahini and sauerkraut

Tuesday: stir fried peppers and green beans on rice crackers

Wednesday: crackers with miso&tahini tofu cream

Thursday: corn gnocchi with tomato sauce n vegan cheese

Friday: bream fillet with black risotto and seakale

Saturday: corn gnocchies with foraged greens n pesto

Sunday: beetroot bean hummus w chickpea flatbread

I have the same pattern always. I can have my breakfast home (ususally being prepared the night before so everything can get soaked enough – make it easier to digest) – then i have to prepare the other 2 meals to take with me to the job. Thats why i have ‘bigger’ lunch (around 20;00) but a snacky dinner – my dinner ususally around 23;00-24;00 oclock. Except thursdays and fridays – my lucky days off. These two days after breakfast usually im out – going for cycling or foraging – thats why my lunch is very small or snacky – but my dinner is huge and pretty and beautiful cause i have all the time i need to cook myself an outstanding dinner. I miss cooking. I miss wine. LOL.

this is how a usual dinner box looks like (asparagus, dehydrated corn, toasted oat and seed crackers)

So its up to you to find the way and time to prepare your meals to suit your daily routine. Oh and no snacks inbetween. Its crazy. But i dont even want to snack anymore. Cant even snack anything to be fair. HAHAHAHA.

And its a weird thing… but your little receptors in your mouth… start to feel and understand flavours in a different way. Me not taking sugar in the last 2 weeks… jeeeeeesuss. I almost got a heart attack when i bought a GF oatmilk, a new very posh brand – saying ‘unsweetened’ and using only 4 ingredients – nordic oat, water, salt, oil. I opened. I tried. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. eXPLOSION. It tasted f’ckin sweet. I checked the label – containing 4.5g natural sugar coming from the oat. JUST TASTED SUPERSWEET. Meh.

i used the ‘sweet’ oatmilk to make this woodruff infusion – tasted luuuuush

So just keep going…

Open up your mouth…!

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