Ok. I started the diet. Im doing it for a week now.

Im supporting my body with vegan digestive enzym (one capsule per meal), multivitamins (one per day), liquid komplex vitamin B to support my liver (12 drops at once, one day per week) and Saccharomyces Boulardii (bacteria komplex to help getting rid of my unwanted yeast, 1 capsule per week).

Not for complaining… but pretty uncomfortable working in a bakery and keeping this diet on. LOL. Or just simply being a chef and having boundaries like this. However. It makes me thinking more and finding lots of alternative ingredients and food i would never use (like millet hahaha :)).

Leaving the dairy behind isnt too hard – as i mentioned before i really like olive or pumkin seed oil (instead of butter) and i m (or would be*) happy with alternative milk options like pea or hemp. There are quite good coconut and soy yoghurts also – im very limited though *. Miss cheese only – and its gonna be always like this. But trying out some not soooo bad vegan cheeses lately and also i am making my nut blocks and they are delicious (- not having them now cause i try to avoid nuts and also i fermented them with starter Henry – contaminated with gluten). So i starve for cheese but its ok.

Leaving gluten behind… its a bit harder. Not really for the obvious reason you would think. I love bread – making, baking, shaping, eating. Dipping fresh sourdough in shiny glamorous extra virgin olive oil…. heaven. Well i am a baker at the moment right?. LOL. So i do miss bread, miss the crunchy crust, the toasted seeds, the moist inside sponge waiting to be dipped in a soup. Well i miss this but its ok. And just realised i can live without ‘real pasta’ – however i love it, also make it, roll it, fill it, cook it and eat it. Possibly could eat pasta for each meal – if i would not care about the size of my butt. hahahahaha. But again – i found some great ‘fake pastas‘ in the grocery store made from rice and buckwheat and lentils etc etc. So i can cheat – and its fun. Im not a beer drinker anyway so i cant care about this that much. What i do mind – soy sauce. Love it – using it for fermentation and seasoning also. But well… there is tamari* i could use – which is a very similar product but GF. The real problem is in the hidden gluten everywhere. Basically – if a product does not say GLUTENFREE it means at some point it can be easily contaminated. Also the thing im sad the most about – is probably seitan. I was just about to jump in tonns of homemade seitan recipes – as it is a great meat substitute with its high protein content. Seitan mostly made out from gluten – which is the protein part of the flour – it has to go from my diet. For now at least.

Leaving the sugar behind. NOW THAT IS SUCK. For 2 reasons. The 1st obvious reason is – that we love sugar. More than anything – and its like a drug to human body- we are highly obsessed and addicted to it. I mean… lets not to forget that i am a pastry chef in normal circumstances. I had days in my life when i eat/ate only sweets. So much sugar i dont even dare to count by grams.

Did u know… that the healthy level of sugar intake for man (maximum) 37.5g and for women 25g per day…. should be? Do u know how much is 25g? I tell u. NOTHING. 25g is nothing.

25 g of sugar

I think only my breakfast contained 3 times more sugar than this number. And after i have my coffee with maple syrup, lunch using hidden sugars, couple more coffees with maple syrup or honey (and i think im healthy!!! haha) and dinner with hidden sugars again… not even mentioning when u feel depressed and cure yourself with a dessert at some point… and couple of glasses of wine. Which is nothing else but grapes and fermented sugar. This is my average day. This was. Im scared to look back and count my sugars in grams.

footnote – just a quick heads up – 2 tablespoon of caster sugar is approx 25g

1 snickers bar – 47 g

1 can of coke – 39 g

1 piece of brownie – 33 g

1 glass of dry wine – 2 g

…keep continue….

One response to “Blueberry’s Diary -2-”

  1. Marti Avatar

    I absolutely loved reading this, Kat!
    Stay strong and keep up your cool diet, at least for some more time!
    Also, thanks for sharing that there’s only 2g sugar / glass of dry white wine. I might survive on a dozen of them per day, with no other source of sugar. It sounds like a fair deal! ;-)

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