So i have got my nutritional plan. WOW.

Looking like a bit more complicated than a ‘simple IBS’. Probably i have ‘leaky gut’ also (what causes the real irritation) and also possibly my liver is not supporting properly and i might have faaaar too much yeast in my system which f@cks up my gut’s bacterial ecosystem. Also not very good that i had some serious eating disorders before. But this is my personal part – i dont want to bother you with that. Lets skip to my plan and its main points.


  1. BYE BYE GLUTEN. Which means everything (all types of wheat – NO BREAD!, rye, barley, not GF oats, bulgur, couscous, semolina, malt (anything with malt in), beers, yeast, soy sauce
  2. SEE YOU LATER DAIRY. Only heartbreaking cause of cheese and yoghurt really. I can live withour cream and milk and butter…. but have to avoid everything with lactose innit (no whey in protein shake)
  3. TOUGHEST – NO SUGAR. Any form. Yeast eats sugar so if i have too much unwanted yeast in my belly and i want to get rid of them – have to starve them so hopefully they will decide to leave me. Unfortunately it means no lovely booze neither – alcohol is nothing but fermented sugar
byebye floury buttery sugary Unicorn…

These are my main rules for a whole month. Apart from that – i can eat kindof everything but all NEEDS TO BE COOKED/STEAMED and chopped/grated/milled to help me digest it. So my biggest challenge now is to cook ‘green food’ without killing all the chlorophyll and turning the whole thing into a brown mush. :)

Let me add this – im still trying not to eat vegetables what puff me up in general – like beans, chickpeas or cauliflower. Also trying to avoid nuts – which i know its hard on my belly. But u know your body – follow your instincts.

I have to keep the 3 meals/day – no snacking. Mainly because there is nothing i could snack pretty much hahahahhahahhaha.

Questions about sugar – sugar in fruit? Yes well, i guess it is all depending on your tommy. I got permission to have small berries and grated apples, pears, papaya and not too ripe bananas – and see how much i can take in. I had no issues with these apart from the banana – i felt too heavy. So it was a good call for avoiding it. But we are all different and im trying to listen my body more than ever.

Fermented foods? As we all know i ferment and love and eat sh’t lots of this. Well – sauerkraut does blow me up – cause its cabbage. But its normal. And lactobacillus is being very good friend of us so a small amount of fermented food is almost requested. Fermentation also means the ‘self-digestion’ has started so it wont be that difficult on your tommy. My only issue with this – that if u follow me and my fermentation posts – i love to use my rye starter ‘Henry’ to deep the flavour and also push the speed of the proccess – now i have to avoid all of my fermented mushrooms and kimchis and greens because the gluten obviously. And when i did not use starter i used soy sauce – which also contains gluten. HAHAHAHAHAHA bad luck. But u know what? I quickly started a bunch of new ferments using only salt or sauerkraut juice. LOL. Cant wait.

So take a deep breath and let it begin….

Open up your mouth…!

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