Hello. This is gonna be something else. I share ‘my business’ – hoping to help others.

Cut the story short – So i am a chef for about 10 years now. I love cooking and eating and creating and experimenting. I kindof swallow everything to try. U know.

Unfortunately i reached a point in my life when i have to say stop. I cant take it anymore. I would love to but i just cant. My stomach can not. Disaster. I have IBS. Bad. i think it is at least.

Difficult to imagine – but its not unique. Its coming with the stress, with anxiety, eating disorders. Perfectly fit in a busy chef’s life. So after ignoring for a while (and its was getting worse) i reached a point when i dont really have apetite now – thinking about the pain whats coming when i am trying to digest. For anything now really. There had to be something to trigger it at the beggining – i guess i didnt pay enough attention – so now my belly is inflamed all the time. Or i can say – i have a 5months old pregnancy (bloated) for the last 2 years, tired and heavy stomach ache, as much gas u can fit in a medium sized birthday balloon after every meal – nomatter what i put into myself. Pretty shitty situation.

i named this diary after a story from my lovely friend Angelika – about her friend with this diet who was not allowed to take blueberries only with skin off…

Im not gonna talk about the effects and signs of IBS – u can read much about it online – i want to share u my path on the way to treat it and start from zero. I got lots of help from my nutritionist (also being a chef) who gave me a proper ‘elimination diet’ plan. The point is to take off all the pressure from the guts, supporting the liver and the belly to start the digestion at the very beggining. See how it goes. Wish me good luck.

Open up your mouth…!

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