Foraged PestoPasta

Just uploaded my brand new video clip to YouTube. Still in the mood of Apocalypse and imagining Zombie scenes everywhere around because of CoronaVirus. Thats what this cooking is for -really.

I just imagined not having more mammals around (cause zombies ate them all) but we want cheese on our pasta so the first videoA is about making a quick ‘cheesy flavored crumb’ using yeast and oat.

I did smoke the GF oat to start with but obviously u can skip that part. Also u can smoke most of the things in the same way how i showed u in the video – without having a proper smoker. Also if zombies around and we have no smoking chips – we can just use rice, coffee beans or other spicies like cinnamon, star anise etc. to smoke with. After i just killed a big handful of bakers yeast – then dissolved it in water – then covered the smoked oat and dried out in the oven till crispy using lots of salt for seasoning. Great vegan snack either way – we hardly could stop eating them in the bakery. Glutenfree and vegan nomnom.

After videoA i went for a bikeride on clipB – a small urban foraging trip from my flat to the bakery. Trying to show you all the edible weeds and plants growing around us – so in case if there are no more supermarkets selling your favourite salad mix or baby spinach bag – u still can find f@cking healthy nutritious greens around. Just need to ‘hunt them down’ in your local park or forest.

Keep saying – dont eat anything what you dont know – otherwise u can do a favour to the zombies and die before they can kill you. Foraging is great fun – and i can promise you -every time you go out will learn something new what you will know for the next time. Get out, open your eyes – if something looks familiar take a picture – not just amazing books are around but more quicker mobile applications and also online group of people who can help you identify plants. Quick and easy. I am being naughty sometimes (should not!!!) but i never ever ever ever would give away anything ‘saying trust me and eat this’ if i havent eaten before many times – and i still being alive and healthy as f@ck.

So the plants in my video – kindof randomly picked ones. Some of them have great flavours like mustard or bittercress – some of them just give you body and green but most of them giving you high nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. If u want to cross the line of gastronomy – most of them having some sort of magic — reason they good for medicines. Worth a check. Plus they are free. For now (of course depending where u want to pick LOL).

So in the last clipC actually i put my ‘zombietimes’ pasta together. Had to push myself not to be a chef for once – so i didnt ended up rolling my freshly made pasta. Cause if its Apocalypse and we are all fighting for survive – in WalkingDead have no time to crack eggs and make pasta dough and shape pretty raviolis. Its more likely that u have shop-bought dry pasta in your kitchen cupboard anyway. So the rest is easy. Pesto is ready – using the yeast crumb and extra virgin olive oil – cooked pasta is done. Using some of the water to make emulsion to cover our pretty brown fusili (any shape will do) with the green sauce. I need texture – we all need crunch so got some great pumpkin seeds.

And of course – the flower power. Cause first we start to eat with our eyes. Even zombie times. And also – they not just pretty but full of flavours.

This video was my first attempt to use 100% foraged plants to make a pesto. Since then i made many times and i finally found my favourite combination. Because i really like spicy and peppery stuff i love to use mustard (flowers and leaves) with the garlicky touch of Jack by the hedge (garlic mustard) and some superfood nettles for a smooth finish. Depending what i forage – wild fennel, wild garlic, nasturtium leaves, sorell can be a great delicious touch also.

But as i said before many many times – be brave and find your own mix of pesto. Seasoning also can be supersimple and overcomplicated. I use only EV olive oil and some nutritinal yeast or MSG. Important thing is if u would like to keep your pesto green ‘forawhile’ try to prevent oxidation by closing it from the air. U can vacpac or just do what i do do – push your pesto down to your jar (making sure no air bubbles stucked inside) and pour some olive oil on the top – that will seal it from the air 100% so the oxidation will be much more slower. hmmmmm…. i do love pesto.

Open up your mouth…!

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