Just posted my new utube video – in a very christmas-vibe.

Decided to make a pudding finally – being a pastry chef i dont even know why i havent done it yet. Possibly cause it takes more time usually (except these ones) and less free-style. But what im making now its pretty free style and easy going. Im preparing 3 things – which are great together but also great as individual sweet snacks. And u can play with all of them.

Tofu cream

I love this sh#t seiously. So easy to make – ridiculously. And healthy – well not this version with white chocolate and sherry – but in general. U can make it with dark chocolate so becomes vegan. The dark choc contains more solid elements so the cream sets properly – doesnt stay runny – but u can play with that also. Just think about the texture u want – we love set puddings but also love when it wiggles. U can experiment it. Also using different booze (or no booze at all) like cherry or orange liquor can give a twist. Try to add different spice – like garam masala or tonka bean. Play play play.

footnote: i was using this recipe in Masterchef with the black olive cake – just going for vermouth instead of sherry

White choc tofu cream:

1 block silken tofu (around 350g)

150 g white chocolate

100 g PX sherry

1tsp gingerbread mix spice

Pinch of salt

Dark choc tofu cream:

1 block silken tofu (around 350g)

40g bitter cacao powder

100g water or milk or nutmilk

100g sugar

160g dark chocolate

Pinch salt

Do the same i did – just melt all the ingredients together and blend it with the tofu. Awesome.

Olive Oil Choc Ganache

Also great and very versatile – just using your common sense and a basic recipe which i give u here – u can create so many different cool stuff. Same rule here – as more the chocolate – as more solid the result. U want runnier – add liquid. Also making truffles – come on – my dog could do it with eyes closed. And its a great present in a fancy bag.

Basic truffle is nothing else but chocolate and double cream. 1:1. So lets get 200g chocolate and melt in 200g double cream*.

*footnote: melting the 2 elements together is easy and hard in the same time – need to be careful with the temperature cause if your cream is too hot it will separates the cacao butter from the other parts of the chocolate – it will split. BUT NO WORRIES – no split ganache is ‘unsaveable’ – just get your blender out and keep blending till the temperature cools down and becomes shiny.

Season as u wish (any spice, saltm orange zest etc) and u can set in any container and cut into cool little cubes and roll over cacao powder. This is how your petit four looks like in any easy restaurant. U can set in molds (like me in the video) so they are all looking the same – very professional. U can set in nuts or dried fruits. Story changes with white chocolate as it has more (mainly) milk powder and cacao butter, so i would use 150 g double cream for 550 g of white chocolate.

(Also if u can manage to caramelize white choc (insanely good) u can make truffles using 500g caramelized white choc with 100 g white choc and 200g double cream.)

But these are all the bases. Dont be afraid and start with the beggining.

I went further in my video making ganache – when i go for more liquid. Not making truffles, but a chocolate cream which is less heavy and dense and nicer to eat as a proper dessert. Suggest u to try first to set this (recipe) in glasses – well easy and u can use any garnish u want – nuts, seeds, dried or fresh fruits… also ready in one hour.

Olive Oil Choc Ganache:

100 double cream

100 milk

50 olive oil (good one)

25 booze

350 dark chocolate

pinch salt

Same like before – melt everything together and stir in the chocolate till melts properly. If u want super smooth result – use the blender. U get super shine. Then just pour in lush glasses and set in the fridge for an hour. Garnish as u wish. Easy. If u set in molds like i did – u need to freeze this down – the mix is too soft to set in the fridge and be able to take them out from the molds. Freeze it down (couple of hours but better overnight). Just before serving – pop out, plate up and leave at room temperature like 20-30 min (depending on the size).

Footnote: defrost – however the molds i used in the video are small, so every time i pass next to my freezer i pop one ganache out and enjoying to have a bite in this frozen but not too hard chocolate. Texture like a cold fudge with the crunchiness of nuts. NomNom.

Nut Brittle:

Who does ‘nut love’ nut brittle? :) They are not my friends anymore… :) but what is it? Ok, its nut coated with sugar or caramel which makes it even crunchier. Kindof a caramel work and i have to warn everyone that is pretty dangerous thingsugar burn is pretty much the worst. But i tell u an easy way to do it just never been as silly to check the temperature with your finger. PLZ.

Here u can decide if u want to go for a caramel coating or a sugar coating. Sugar coating is an easier way and less risky lets say – while making caramel always pretty dangerous.

Sugar coating-

There is no such a thing for this like a serious recipe to follow – u have your nuts with sugar to coat. I usually guess with my eyes how much sugar i want to use to coat my nuts – but if u need something to start with lets say 300 g nuts with 180g sugar. Easy way – making a sugar syrup by adding some water to the sugar. The amount of water does not count really because it will evaporates and naturally reaches the point what we are looking for (without thermometer) u just need to ‘read the bubbles’. Common sense – if u add too much water it will take longer time to reach the temperature and thickness we want – but its ok also. I suggested 50g of water to this recipe. U dissolve the sugar in this water and start to boil and reduce. Watching the bubbles – no need stirring – we dont want to crystalize it. So watch the bubbles – they running all around at the beggining and having short life – coming and going very quickly. As the syrup gets thicker – they will become much more slower and slower… not running that crazy anymore. U are reaching 118-120 degrees slowly.

footnote: i was using muscovado sugar so it turned to proper caramel quicker – suggest u to use normal caster sugar for first time u are trying this method.

So when your bubbles are becoming very slow – its time for u to jump your nuts in. The key factor is to moving them around so they will be covered by sugar while the rest of the water evaporates. U just keep sirring and u reach a point when u will see all your nuts are coated individually in a white layer of sugar. U are done.

Finishing is important – we try to avoid the nuts stick into one big block – so get a big bowl with some nice olive oil or butter innit – chuck the brittle in there and keep moving till it cools down more or less. Season it with salt but u can also add other seasoning like cinnemon, vanilla etc. I know how much u want to try – but plz wait till it wont burn the sh@t out of your tounge. LOL. And enjoy. Great snack and also great gift.

Caramel coating-

If u decide to go for the dry caramel u will have a gorgeous block of amber coloured brittle – the aim is to coat your nuts with a thin layer of caramel – not to have a rock hard caramel (killing yout teeth) with a couple of nuts innit. I would change the recipe and use almost the same amount of sugar like your nuts – and no need water. Put your sugar in a pan and make a dry caramel – by keeping your eye on it all the time. U should have a thin layer of sugar in your pan on a medium heat otherwise will starts to burn on the bottom and u wont even realize it from the top. Be patient it needs time – dont rush it. The snow white sugar will be melted slowly into a golden pond. If u have a thermometer i would aim approx130 degrees – but u can go by eye and go as far when u get a nice lighter or darker amber colour. U dont need bowl at the end of this proccess but a big horizontal surface to spread your brittle as thin as possible (as fast as possible) to cool down as fast as possible. Oil it or use baking paper otherwise the caramel does stick to everywhere. And same rule here again – wait plz wait till it cools down.

footnote: tipp for washing up – boil up water in your pan with caramel innit helps to wash it off properly


p.s.> keep cooking and eating Guyz LOL

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