20-21. Japan – North Okinawa

20th day.

After a great snorkeling i planned a trip to North. I mentioned before that my ‘rent a car’ plan didnt really work out because some documentation issues – however was still very keen on to see other parts of the island. Guys in the Hostel helped me plan my trip and i booked an accomodation for one night literally ‘in the jungle’.

But first. I took a bus to Motobu very early morning (it was the greatest decision i could make). Was nothing but cheap – 2000yen for a 2 hours drive. The biggest tourist attraction up there is the Aquarium – so i stopped there. The sun was up so i decided not to enter the Aquarium yet (till next day actually) but visit the Emerald Beach which was there ‘ontheside’.

Jeeeeeez – thats what i was waiting for. Sun s up, clear blue sky, snow white sand and crystal clear water. And the beach was empty. I jumped in. Again and again. And again. Happiness. Ok first tick done.

Was a bit short on time – had to find my hostel on time – did needed a GPS as it was very very out of range. In the middle of nowhere, but costs 2000yen per night. I would not suggest to everyone though – repeat, it was IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and the host was quite a weird looking man with big belly (the one wearing T/shirt but cant use the buttons on the bottom part lol) and long hair all over his face. Looked more like a ‘maori fighter’ with tattoos all over. Didnt talked much and i was the ONLY ONE in the whole hostel. At the end of the day i was actually pretty happy with that. Shitty bathroom, shitty room and lots of spiders and different iguanas and reptiles all over the place. It had its ‘wild romantic magic’ Lol. Anyway – he was nice, he gave my one of his bike* for free to use – as i really wanted to go and check that bridge out.

*footnote: the bike was older than me. Definitely. I was a little bit faster with that than walking – but considering the landscape around with lots of hills and valleys – was not an easy ride on a very oldschool small bike. But i did.

So at the end of the story i could not manage to reach the bridge to the Island of Kouri but i could manage to ride through Sesoko bridge to Sesoko Island. However the forecast said sh*t weather – i was very very fast as i really wanted to make my dream come true and cross a bridge in sunshine. The time i got there clouds turned up so i cycled to the other side of Sesoko Island – i found the hidden Sesoko Beach. Also empty – very little people there so i could have some fun as the sun was turning up again and i was playing with taking pictures in the snow white sand. (was also cheking hostel here before but was far too expensive for 5600yen)

Got a bit of a sun(burn) so i was up to cycle back to the bridge. In the sun. YEEEEEAAAAH. I ve got it. My dream!!!! With or without that stupid driving licence i manage to do it.

I spent like an hour enjoying the moment there and taking billions of pictures of the bridge and the very blue sea. Was a magical moment – for me. Very happy. Another tick done.

I was even trying to make go pro video cycling thru the bridge on the way home – but i was literally risking my life as the wind was so strong up there (and the bike not very stable). Hahahaha.

Cycling back there is a pretty Butterfly Garden worth a quick stop for only 500 yen. Not much to see but huge butterflies live there and u can take awesome pictures as they are not very shy.

On the bike again – final destination is Bise Fukugi Tree Lane. This place is a hidden ‘off the beaten track’ attraction – was great for me having the bike to reach this place (no cars allowed). Basically its a forest – and a little village inside in the shadow. Narrow paths. Very very magical. People are actually living there – what a peacful place (u think when its no season) – looked like a fairy tail. And crossing that part u end up in the rocky beach. I cought an awesome sunset there. Very happy. Tick.

Was getting a bit dark so i turned back. I had some great good value dinner in a place what my host suggested- Papaya Restaurant (nothing else around). Finally could try the okinawan speciality – cold soba noodles (al dente) with vegetables and dipping soup. I added some extra papaya kimchi – place famous for it – was spot on.

Back to the ‘hostel’ my host was watching a silly TV show (very loud) eating a massive plate of food (meaty chips ?) with couple of cans of local beer on the side. Suddenly stood up, got his sanshin (local guitar) and started to play the advert song of Orion Beer. This was the moment i realized – he wont kill me during the night. L.O.L.

Day 21st.

Woke up in the morning and because it was raining and the forecast weather seemed to arrived during the night – i decided to check out the Aquarium. Ticket costs 1800yen but i had nothing better to do. Pretty. Big. However my favourite part was the walt disney fish cartoons made out from bushes in the garden. EEEeeeeeeeh sorry to saying that. Possibly i ve just seen faaaar too many Aquariums in my life. Lots of crying babies and naughty kids. Saw a dolphin show – wasnt amazed – reminded me to a circus. These such an intelligent animals and im not sure how much they actually enjoying this stupid show. Let them free all!!!!! If i have to name something interesting – the room of ‘investigation of sharks’ was quite cool. I actually read lots of things i didnt know before.

Anyway – got on the bus back to Naha. I had a great surprise – my dude in the hostel upgraded my dorm room – someone cancelled a private room. So i could have a great last night in Okinawa Island without snoring people around me in my own private room. Tick.

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