My next little Utube cooking video is available now. Only 10 minutes and i have a special guest – my beautiful brazilian friend Juliana who comes hungry and filled up with naughty stories to tell. Also enjoying some great french sherry and healthy food.

Roasted squash (pretty straight forward) – i roast them with muscovado sugar.

Lupin bean tempeh – great source of plant protein and nutritions with minerals. Also easy to prepair and i f*ckin love it. I panfried it and cooked a bit in our delicious fermented black bean sauce.

Fermented black bean – i bough a bottle of it in my asian store. Nicer if u can actually get the salted fermented beans (u need to soak them and cook a bit) which means its not a ‘ready to go’ sauce with other ingredients. Well this is what i could buy and its still tasty if u like strong flavors.

Toasting some cashew nuts. Not just for flavour but the crunchy texture we def. need.

Finishing the dish with some chopped scotch bonnet chilli and fresh herb salad dressed with lime. Great fresh dish – absolut vegan and animal friendly plus has got the kick u need.

Feel free to change the recipe, u can happily roast other delicious vegetable instead of squash (i would go with something sweet because the beans are salty as f*ck lol) like sweet potato or carrots, parsnip could work beautifully also.

Tempeh? Great great invention from Indonesia. Dont be scared of it – i made tempeh myself with a special starter fungus creating the whole fermented ‘cake’ thing. Its just cooked soybeans (or other grains) bond together with this white funny looking mold. It has not much flavour itself but great nutritional value. Perfectly working together with any other flavours.

But as i always say – u can use meat instead if u still prefer that.

Oh and never ever forget to enjoy it. I enjoyed much more with this great company. Thank u Juliana. See u next time again. L.O.L.

Open up your mouth…!

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