Oki. Im here. fully. So was planning to have 4 full days plus arrival. and departing ones. Because i failed with the car renting project – but still wanted to see different parts of the island. I just needed to achive my goal*.

*footnote: i was still at home wondering about this whole trip and how magical is gonna be etc etc… and googliing plenty of pictures of the island. And i found one, this:

Was the moment i decided that i have to cross one bridge – as there are a couple of pretty bridges connecting islands to the main island (Miyagi island, Ikei island, Sesoko island, Yagaji island etc etc). Unfortunately most of the bridges are too big to simply just ‘walk through’ but… i found one bridge which was not totally mission impossible. But dont run that far – im still in my first whole day planned in Naha.

The city is not overwhelmingly huge – pretty enough to do sightseeing for a day – keep walking and u just get tired enough when sunset comes. I started my gorgeous sunny day with the prettiest garden in the whole island (i even paid for the entrance around 300yen however my Lonely P said its ment to be free!), Fukushu-en. Massive garden with everything u expect from japanese construction. Very very pretty. Recommended.

After that i just threw myself into a tropical vibe – the main shopping street is the real attraction here – Kokusai-dori. Famous for neon signs, noisy sellers, big ‘nasty looking’ shopping malls, colorful restaurants and sweetshops everywhere. Obligation to try the world famous purple jam icecream (very nice creamy but no special flavour) and also to visit the popular fish market hidden in the Daichi Makishi Kosetsu Ichiba.

Perfect place to find gifts (cheaper then the posh shops for tourists) also there is the famous fish market where u get in and u can pick whatever fancy, fish, seafood and they take it upstairs to cook it for u however u agree. Unfortunately i had no time to try this but was amazed the selection of seastuff available there. U see. WOW.

After i still had a half day so i tried the unique monorail of Naha to visit the biggest tourist attraction in the capital – Shuri-jo Castle. Entrace ticket was around 800yen. To be fair (the castle is close to the last monorail stop so i enjoyed the view) the whole monorail journey was more exciting than the visit of the castle. LOL. But ‘its a thing’ to see in Naha so no regret. I walked back all way – which was nice, i could see different parts (not turistic) of the capital where locals live. Had to try another favourite flavour of Okinawa – the seasalt icecream. I could even pick from different salts (wasabi was phenomenal) to season my icecream.

I was happy. Plus accidentally i popped into a free awamori tasting in the middle of town. Yeah people looked a bit suspiciously cause i was licking my icecream while tasting 10 different awamories. Its a local alcoholic beverage around 35-45%. LOL was fun.

Especially cause i booked some snorkeling for the next day and i was facing some disgustingly delicious sashimi dinner what i bought from the local fish market next door. With sake of course. Happy. Very.

dinner at the hostel

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