Last night. The feast. I was working pretty hard (and earning no money) in the last 2 weeks so i decided to enjoy myself in a dinner at the Roots of York SO i can finally have a taste of every dish i was working on. Tried bits and more bits each every day – but having the full experience it does make a difference.

Before dinner OBVIOUSLY i had to go upstairs and try some amazing cocktail creations. I was amazed how creative is the bar menu and whatever they can its made ‘inthehouse’ from scratch (different syrups, liquore, infusions… even they make their own vermouth!!!). So i enjoyed a pretty gooseberry-mint gin sour for start then a rhubarb-fennel sparkling wine to follow… and for the meal i ordered one single glass of the local wine to try (Ortega from Yorkshire).

(almost) TIME OF ABUNDANCE – tasting menu

Cream infused with chive before made into butter and the cheese custard got tomato powder onit

Roots Sour Bread and Seed Crackers with Lincolnshire Poacher Custard and Chive Cultured Butter

Nasturtium buttermilk dressing and cured grated egg yolk

Nasturtium ‘Caesar’

butter confit baby carrot with compressed carrots n carrot tops, pickled fennel, fennel oil and beurre noisette goats curd

Carrot, Hazelnut, Fennel, Goat’s Curd

Lovage bun, fermented turnip puree, pickled cucumber and radish plus wild garlic capers

Lamb and Turnip Bao

Lavender and lemon verbena infused apple&gooseberry juice with roasted sweet garden onions

Apple, Gooseberry, Oldstead Onion

Cured seabass with raw golden beetroot, green strawberries and fish veloute with chive oil (poured on the table lol)

Seabass, Strawberry, Beetroot, Chive oil

Pepper and tomato compote, pepper sauce, smoked mussle powder (probably best trout i had in life)

Trout, Oldstead Peppers, Mussel

Smoked cod roe emulsion, fermented potato fries, charcoal oil

Oldstead Potato, Smoked Cod, Fermented Fries

Salt Beef, Mustard, Gherkins, Old Winchester

Pink lamb, courgette puree, sauteed veg with a beautiful dashi emulsion

Lamb Rump, Courgettes, Baby Vegetables

Choux, apple crisp and icecream, sultana cream, walnut n sourdough crumb

Apple and Sourdough Profiterole, Walnut Crumble

Petit Four – ice lolly

One eye is smiling the other is crying. I had some fun time in this kitchen in the last 2 weeks, like picking carrot tops for 3,5 hours to make a kilo of pesto or same picking 3 massive boxes of fennel leaves to make the most black green oil ever. Im champion of cleaning cod roe or popping out broad beans. Can make 20 liters of dashi with perfection eyes closed same with hay of leeks julienne. Did enjoy to learn how to make charcoal oil or smoked mussle powder. Im happy to go back to Brighton and start my new challenge in the bakery (and earning some actual money lol) – but also gonna miss this kitchen and all these lovely guys i spent my last 2 weeks. Thank u for letting me in. We might see each other in the future again. Cause no kitchen makes magic. Its US.

Open up your mouth…!

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