Japan 1.

Its time now to share the fairy tale i experienced in Japan. Will be impossible tell u each every details – however i ll try my best – pinky promise.

I did collect lots of details about prices and traveling – in good use if someone also planning a trip there. I do have much much more information – so plz feel free to load me with questions.

During my month trip i was writing a travel diary in hungarian so all my family knew what was happening to me. Its gonna be very handy now – i will just go thru my trip based on that – translate ‘my feelings’ to english. hulalaaaaa

First of all. Basic facts – my journey was 28 days long. Mainly focusing on the middle part of the Honsu Island, around Tokyo and a touch of Okinawa Islands for spice my life up. I got my flight ticket for approx. £850, way there directs flight, way back one stop at Helsinki. My travel insurance (always use Nomad) was around £150. My gorgeous brand new Kathmandu sleeping bag £200 (no regrets – was so freakin handy if u choose to sleep in those circumstences i did hahahaha). I was traveling with trains mostly so my 2 weeks Japan Railway Pass was £325 ( i needed to spend max £50 extra for using different companies). Let me see what else was basic cost… Oh yeah i bought a great walking boots for £90. That was all my preparation for the trip. With some extension of my japanese dictionary of course – had absolutely no time but was trying to learn one sentence each every day using online japanese lessons. Not reading but saying and i have to admit – was great. Suggest to everyone – the things i learnt home – actually working there in real life. So no more excuse, get some practise!

20. March. Lets get on the plane to TOKYO!!!!

Very excited. There is about 7 hours jetlag plus i could not sleep more than 1 single hour on the plane which was amazing – so i basically lost one whole night. But comeon we are in TOKYO! Massive airport but everything was pretty straight forward. Plus everyone there speaks english. Got my first night hostel booked – just needed to give the name of the hostel and they explained very well where should i go, whats ticket should i buy etc. No issue. If u have Japan Railway Pass – i suggest to validate in the airport – u can find some other places but its much more easier. U just go there with your passport and the date in your mind when u re planning to start to use your Pass and takes 5 minutes to fill the gaps. Easy. Also i could buy unlimited internet in the airport (very very useful!!!!) again in 5 minutes, u just need to have a free mobile and for about 10.000 yen (70 pounds for 30 days) u got an unlimited sim card – obviously u get cheaper options. Also u can get tiny wireless box to share internet between u if this is what u prefer. Done. I grab a map and take a shuttle to the other terminal where i can find my direct bus to my hostel.

Oh yeah – some words about accomodation in Japan. U will see later on anyway – but i find it very important to show u. One of the best thing was in my trip – that i was doing it alone. I know it sounds a bit ‘MEH’ – but belive me. Not because i love feeling lonely and i hate humanity (which is kindof true) but mostly because the place where i sleep is not superimportant for me. There are much more important things i rather spend my money to be fair. And in Japan the difference between Hostel and Hotel are massive.

Most of the time i was sleeping in hostels – dorm rooms sharing with trillion other people. They usually cost around 3000-4000 yen (20-28 pounds per night) but depending the location obviously. My most expensive sleep was in a traditional Ryokan in Amanohashidate – it was 10.000 yen per one single night. But i had my own room, a big room with tatami mattress and traditional sliding doors and walls. Was very cool. So if u wanna save money – travel alone and sleep in shitholes. Hahahaha really. Otherwise u will end up staying in Hotels where each every night cost around 20.000-50.000 yen. Good luck with that.

So i did arrive in Tokyo skipping a night sleep – found my Hostel (Oakhostel cabin Tokyo) but was too early to check in so just left my stuff and went to explore as much as i can in one single afternoon. I decided to walk not taking any metro – didint go too far, its just everything is huge. The big Central Tokyo train station was close – i got lost in that massive building like 3 times- most of them underground. I ate my very first – great – ramen for lunch (around 1000yen) and i ‘bought’ next day train ticket to Nagano (because i had the JRP i didnt needed to pay for the ticket but i needed to reserve it and print it out). Bit more walk and discovered a massive park around the palace (Kokyogaien)- then walked back to the hostel.

Showered finally, had one hour sleep in my little ‘cabin’ (love it!) then i interviewed the nice receptionist guy how can i get to Shibuya Cross – which is the world’s busiest road crossing point – it appears in several movies. And this area never sleeps appearantly. Lots of lights and mass of people. I had a great dinner with an amazing view at d47 Shokudo, a very cozy place – famous of having specialities from the 47 prefectures all around Japan), local beer and was soooo ready for a sleep.

Open up your mouth…!

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