This post supposed to be very short  – because i m going to show u something very easy, simple and mind-blowing.

Banana tuille. My amazingly golden healthy banana tuille. Crisp. Crunch. Addicted.

Ingredients u need?: BANANA (if u are fancy for color u can use a pinch of citric acid to avoid oxidation) and my personal choice was some cacao nib sprinkle for extra texture (and admit its looking freaking sexy). Yes, so BANANA. Nothing else.

Get your banana (with a sprinkle of citric acid or lemon juice), blend your fruit and spread into a silpat after (its time when i sprinkle with nibs, but u can sprinkle with other stuff if u wish, nuts, seeds, dehydrated flowers, fruits or whattevertheheck u wish). On a tray, in the oven – 90degrees, takes about 3 hours if u spread it nice evenly thin. Careful with the fan, u do need some air moving to actually dry stuff out but if its too much fan it blows your silpat away.


Out, take off the silpat carefully (u might think its not done yet – but after leaving outside for a couple of minutes it turns to real crispness). Oh and try not to eat all in a minutes. Real deal healthy crisp.

I m using this tuille right now in the restaurant with my banana and chocolate desserts. YUM YUM YUM.


Open up your mouth…!

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