Having problems with the blog… with the life… with all… but the little shitty things in real life can’t stop me writing this blog again. Because day by day i realized that the little shitty things i knew and i learnt from life they are not that little shitties anyway and the ideas and tricks and secrets in the kitchen are truly valuable and worth to share. They are very obvious for me but probably insane ideas for u (what u might wanna try). Like my smoke butterbean hummus.

I dont even remember where the idea came from… i mean people love hummus, its healthy and very good source of energy. I think we had some chickpeas on the menu with a squid dish thats why i choose beautiful white beans. And for the twist i smoke them. Everybody loves smoked stuff (except my Bro *flatmate Sam but i must forgive him), somehow the flavour will reflect umami.

I know i know, u can buy this from shop. And u are very true. Very very true. However… the shop bought hummus is expensive. Very. And u really dont know whats in there. Hummus can be very healthy but very unhealthy in the same time – depending on the ingredients being used. U need the beans or chickpeas of course (but u can literally make hummus out from everything) then some good quality oil – no heating needed so u can and u SHOULD use nice oil what your body needs. Would not recommend only nice extra virgin olive oil because of the bitter taste – but half this and like half avocado or walnut or linseed oil can be very nice. Oh Oh, i m obsessed with pumpkin seed oil (has got a crazily sexy dark green color), i would def go for that – however the flavour is a bit rough, not for everyone’s palette. But one of the healthiest oil u can get (specially good for men). After the fat part u need to season, big spoons of tahini (plz check the label, let it be 100% sesame paste), i usually go hard on roasted or confit garlic because i love the flavour and very good for your blood in the same time. Dont be shy on lemon juice which will give u the real fresh touch and salt&pepper. At this stage u can go crazy with other spices, herbs,  chopp chopp in other vegetables or seeds. Literally anything. Make it your own and u gonna love it. I can eat hummus anytime. All day.


How do i smoke it? At the very first stage, u get your legumes and smoke half of them. Them blend all together. U smoke half only because very hard to guess how strong the smoke will appear in your ingredients. U can end up licking and ashtray. If u do the half u can always correct it to make it nice. Easy. Done.


The whole dish was: smoked butterbean hummus with miso pumpkin seeds, roasted and pickled roscoff onions, creme fraiche and sage. Pretty sexy dish i have to admit.


If u are just a little bit as crazy as i am – i used some of the smoked butterbean to bake healthy blondies and brownies. Serious sh*t i tell u. I pack it with protein, healthy maple sugar, dark chocolate chips. And because of the beans after a quick bake the texture become very chewy and fudgy. Orgy. No regret. Lol.


Open up your mouth…!

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