My Creme Brulee… yes i know what u sayin’… its sooooooooooooooo boring.


Well actually maybe this is not what u sayin but what i would say if i start to read a new blog post. And i know that literally ‘everyone has got the BEST caramelized custard recipe’… which i totally belive so. I do have a pretty good one. My point here is not really on the magical creamy cream brulee – more about the orgasmic flavour combination i found out.

* same stuff what happened with the pedro ximenez tart and vanilla icecream

Vanilla with toasted almonds and balsamic vinegar reduction. F*ckin heaven. Just heaven.

So we all know how to make creme brulees right? Lets talk it thru quickly.

Making a custard but dont cook the yolks out – they will set nicely while steaming.

Let it cool down after steaming.

Sugar the top and blowtorch it. Voila. Easy like drinking a bottle of good wine.

Ive got a gorgeous recipe from my favourite french pastry mentor Anthony:

  • 1000 double cream
  • 300 milk
  • 300 yolk
  • 200 sugar
  • 3 vanilla pod
  • touch of salt (thats my bit lol)

U fill your ramekins with this mix (i found 130g just enough), cover with the trays with cling film (very important otherwise u wash away the custard by steaming!!!) and steam for 45 minutes , 90 degrees. If u modify the mix – i tried with chocolate and praline etc, it will work but might need to reduce or increase the steaming time. Point is to have a very bubbly runny looking texture. U see when its cooked thru , more like a jelly at this point but definitely not raw (like flowing as a liquid).

Ok we all already knew this part right? Cause we all have the BEST RECIPE OF CREME BRULEE.

Garnish it up… i didnt want to add any carb to this – and keep it simple, so just got a handful of posh expensive almonds, toasted them nicely and fold in my balsamic vinegar reduction. Get 500g of balsamic vinegar and 250 sugar. Reduce it to 1/3 more or less – as thick u want really. After i added some extra ‘brillo’ for shine (its a mix of sugar, glucose cooked out with pectin – using to make fruits very shiny on the top of cakes).

For some reason the vanilla works crazily good with the acidity of balsamic vinegar. And the crunch of almonds of course. Worth an orgy i tell u.


*footnote; i serve this creme brulee in the restaurant with milk crumble and coconut sorbet – only because i know people would love this balsamic dream – just have no balls to order it. Shame.


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