This was totally my lovely vegan friend,  Zsuzsi’s idea I’m telling you. And she was just keep talking and talkin about it… till i accepted the challenge to make vegan hot dogs. Hehehehehe i was thinking the same what i could see on the faces of my big men colleagues when i mentioned the idea.


Anyway – it wasnt a very busy day in the restaurant and we had a couple of beautiful n colourful carrots leftover from an old dish what i could use.

And i still had some of that amazing Chinese style BBQ sauce i was using for the vegan seitan ribs before here.

Method is very easy u just need to think a day ahead. That’s all.


  1. U get your carrots, clean them (i prefer not peel things what’s not absolutely necessary- i didn’t peel them this time, give more rustic look and NO waste!)
  2. Get a BBQ sauce what’s more acidic then sweet – i added some extra apple vinegar (make sure it works in the ‘meat of the carrots) and balanced this out with some extra sugar === after it ll caramelize beautifully on your grill)
  3. Cook the carrots in boiling water – but don’t forget! That we are not going for puree, right? We just want to cook it till its still crunchy a bit but pleasant to bite in (depending on the side its around 20-30minutes i guess).
  4. Drain them after cooking and let the carrots cool down a bit otherwise u will burn your hands (i always forget that not everyone has got a proper chef monkey hand) 😁
  5. Massage your sauce with your carrots and keep them like this for minimum half day but one day is always much more better ( i vac packed to have it sealed 100% and to marinate with perfection). One day after u can see that the carrots released some juice because of the acidic surrounding – clean the carrots but keep the juice!
  6. Get your BBQ ready – in my case its just ‘plancha’ in the restaurant but smoking hot. Place the carrots on it and wait till the caramelized all the sides just how u want.
  7. Done. Get your garnishes and enjoy.!

Footnote: Use your marinade to keep brushing your sausages while they are on the grill and after u can serve it with – next to a big bowl of salad with tomatoes, olives, sweetcorn etc etc and whatever yummy stuff u would wish to see in your fire at your awesome summer garden party.





































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