So why do we like 64 degrees? Why is it a special occasion going there to eat? I tell u.

I am working there. Half a year now. OMG. I do feel im home there, i feel i never left Brighton. If this place had existed 6 years ago i might have never gone around the world.  And if i would be fed up with it ones – i dont think i can find any better. Not food or service – wise, im talking as a chef who loves and passionate about cooking. This is my personal favourite restaurant to eat in Brigthon so far (still lot to try) and to work as well of course.


So why we love 64?

Because we are fermenting. We preserve lots of things, kindof almost everything. As a place dealing with food nowadays – of course we produce waste as well. BUT trying to minimize this: experimenting with all the leftovers we have (following the health and safety regulations of course) getting the most out of it. And i have to say – we experimented lots of crazy good sh˙t so far (like our homemade kimchi, sauerkraut or preserved lemon). And still a lot to go on.


Because we are brave enough. Brave enough to try new things and flavour combinations. Ingredients u would never put together when u finally decide to use your kitchen for more than boiling water in the kettle for the morning coffee. Or feed the cats. Some of these brave actions became massive favourites to everyone (jerk yoghurt with beetroot or miso glaze with lamb and aubergine) some of them just disappear and rest in peace. BUT we have the chance to try it. Try everything its in our mind to make the customers happy and feel special. Like the “ant butter” (dont worry, we wont go further in the nordic style :))


Because u never get bored. We dont give u a chance to get bored considering the regularity between menu changes. We almost never run with the same menu between lunch and dinner. It is our “magic” what makes us free and creates creativity. Where ideas born leading by us. From outside u see this very impossible and difficult, changing everything all the time, its like not using a seatbelt in a smashing car race. Having the fear all the time how people gonna love this and that etc etc… well, fear is there all the time even with the same dishes because the customers are changing and not everybody loves cacao with venison or almond with muhrooms. BUT from inside…. almost seems totally impossible not doing changes. And because we need to change, we need to use our brain and creativity … this is what makes us better and better each and every day.


Because we always serve u the best quality. This is one of the reason why we change the menu so often – so we always get the best vegetables in season from local producers: and if they run out of something, we dont get the same stuff from elsewhere, we just change the apple to pear, and thats all! The ever best thing is the “fish of the day” makes sure that we always got the best deal every day from the fishmonger so u can have the nicest we can prepare. All the time. Like getting in whole animals (sometimes i even name the lamb) so we have lots of cuts to choose from. Making sure that our meat does not meet any plastic bags in “life”.


Because u can ask. U can sit in front of us and see what is going on exactly and what is going on your plate. Basically if u ever had any questions about food in your whole life, now its your turn to ask and get your answers. Or you can get ideas for your next dinner party to show up in front of your friends. Not bad, right?


Last but not least… because u always have a great atmosphere with good vibes and cool music. Its because we all love what we are doing there. Not even mention about the continuously changing wine list and that u can get any of them by glass!!!!!

I am not advertising. But this way of an eating experience is the future. U ll see. :)

Do u need more to love us? Come and see…

Open up your mouth…!

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