sOOOO… i skipped a couple of months from my adventures… sorry about that. But life is like this, sometimes have got time for every detail, sometimes just running like a headless chicken.

last time we said goodbye to Brighton with Marti

Cut the story short (im pretty sure i will have some post in the future about my Mexico), i loved every minute of Mexico. Almost. I didnt like when i ve been robbed. Twice. I did not like this part, but i loved all the 4 months working in the Postreria, learning so much. I loved all my little Mexican friends, i ve got sooooo many during this short time. People there are so lovely, and the country is a dream. I loved my four weeks travelling thru all the country from Cancun crossing Caribbean, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz, DF… i was really happy. Happiest in my life. Was beautiful, the journey of my life what never going to forget. (topic for future post with awesome pictures)

herb store from wood panel

But lets get back to reality, im back to Brighton now. Windy Brighton with a 20degrees (hot!) summer :) anyway, im back now started to work one of the best places in the city, 64 degrees in the Lanes. Its a very tiny restaurant and lot to do. Very busy all the time, every day, lunch and dinner. The main point is that the kitchen is open so we have people sit in front of us watching us prepairing their meal, small plates to share. Very good, but could be much more better with more hands and time. This is for the next post.

my big clock on the wall out from craft beer cans and used bicycle wheel

Why i love Brighton? Let me see… however i needed to wait a month to get my own flat (thank u my darlin’ Angelika and Sam to let me being gipsy in their home for a bit), now i have it. In the heart of the town, 10 minutes from everywhere and still pretty calm. But the best… i have got my place unfurnished.

both my book shef  and my shoes storage made out of wood panels i found on the street and paint them white with some golden effect

Well, kitchen is perfecty prepaired obviously. Everything new. Small but perfect size for me. I love every corner, let me show u why…

being very proud of my table made out from a big picture frame with all the corks i started to collect (special thanks to Ten green bottles!)


Most of the things are coming from the street – i love Brighton cause people change their stuff often and leave the old but working ones outside. I am very happy to take, clean and use them. Let me think what did i find… everything pretty much… bin, slow cooker, kettle, frames (my future table), plates, mugs, pans, wood panels (my future furnitures), drying rack, scooter, hangers, bed frame, little tables, clock…

The other group of things are coming from charity shops, flea markets and friends…

best way to organize your tableware – with empty milk package

Very few things i did buy for real money – just the must: everything for my bed. I did buy my herbs and a massive IKEA chopping board. Yes yes…. i did buy a very new pink Kitchen Aid. F<*>cking hell…. i need that kitchen aid. And i paid for paints, brush and glue to make everything myself.

used milk plastics hugging more herbs, filled up with pebbles from the beach to keep plants wet

But the coolest of my home is the recycling part. As i work in a kitchen, we have plenty of milk plastics, metal tins and bottles for example. I just grab them and see what i can create.

not as hard as u think – make your own glasses out from very cool beer bottles

I am really happy because finally i found something i like to do just as much as cooking/baking. However i am pretty shocked about the amount of waste we generate each and every day. Wish to find a way to recycle more and more. Not a bad start though… :)


Luv U Brighton. xxx



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