Do u like HALLOWEEN? Do u know what is this about‘ ? Well… its time to forget everything u new before… about silly costumes, bonfires, candies, pumpkin lamps, trick or treat… forget these and focus on a much more important thing. “THE DEAD”.

I feel am the luckiest girl in the world – i can celebrate the “Day of the Dead” in Mexico. I am sure that all of u heard something about this weird magic what happens here every year. Its weird but its the most beautiful thing ive seen from long time ago.

It starts with a silly “American style” Halloween party – on the last weekend of October. The little ones are knocking on doors to collect candies and chocolates or “trick or treat” while the youngers are catching up in different bars and discoes wearing idiot costumes and masks. Like in the moves. Silly.

This is the time when u start to see skulls everywhere and girls (rarely boys) with strange but beautiful make up on there whole face. It calls “Catrina”. It has got a very interesting story – to check it out. So on the 1st of November the Mexicans are celebrating the “Day of the Little Deads” – or i can say the Dead Kids Day. It does sound morbid. But they have a whole day as well – while from midnight on the 2nd of November begins the “Day of the Dead” adult version.

In these days u are literally dont see anything else on the streets but Skulls, Skeletons, Catrinas, decorations and candles, special sweets and bread for the dead. Oh and the flowers. everywhere the same yellow flowers – MEXICAN MARIGOLD.

So these are the things what u see everywhere in Mexico – all around the country if u pass your time here in this period of the year. BUT … there is a place where u can find much more. Its the Lake PATZCUARO in Michoacan region. This place is magical and world famous of the celebration of the “Dia de los Muertos”.


The lake has got a tiny island which called “Isla Janitzio”. The island has got a tiny little town with a tiny little cemetery. And this is where the magic happens every year.

People all around the region are coming to visit their dead relatives and think about the good memories and stories. They bring all the favourite things and foods of the dead to spend the whole night together with them sleeping on the ground surrounded by candles and flowers everywhere. And they are just stitting in peace and quiet.

footnote: however impressed i was with all this story and local people and everything – i just could not ignore the thousands and thousands of drunk tourists who were just destroying everything (mostly the moment of peace and respect) all around. Waste and rubbish covered the ground with a hint of broken bottles and beer cans. It was just too much. I see the problem which comes from the lack of money in this place of course and they just trying to make as much money out of this 3 days as possible. Even if they are selling the soul of the “Dia de los Muertos”. Too many people in a tiny space without respect. I felt really sorry for the humanity. For all of us.

p.s.: if anyone is planning to go next – i advise u to stop in Tzintzuntzan – another little town on the side of the lake – but they are celebrating this magical day in the same magical way just with less tourists. And yes, the same amount of flowers and candles in the massive big cemetery. Beautiful. Really it is.


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