I would like to introduce U to one of my very good friend. He is Mr. Snickers. One of the 4 little cake-tart i need to prepair to sell in the shop or to sell in other shops. Just a little Step by Step show to let u know about the procedures and the time consumption.

Step 1.

Bake a caramel sponge cake. With real caramel. Takes like… 40 minutes to prepair and 15 to bake. More or less. The volume should be not more than 1,5cm.



Make a salted caramel toffee. Takes like 30 minutes while u are caramelizing the cream with the sugar and keep stirring otherwise it will burn.



Toast some peanuts, chopped them roughly and caramelize them with a “sugarcoat”. Meanwhile make a soft dark chocolate ganache what u leave to rest for 4 hours to chill before u will whipp it up and mix the chopped crunchy peanuts in it.



Get your sponge and cover the top with your salted toffee what u will cover with your creamy chocolate. Freeze it for a couple of hours so u can cut it nicely.



Make the peanut mousse – first u make a cooked cream with peanut praline then light it up with some half-whipped cream. Put some of it in the bottom of your silicon molds. Push the sponge cubes in the center what u prepaired before. Fill the mold with more mousse and let it freeze.


Take out your little frozen spheres and prepaire a tray to paint them with a pistol. Prepaire the color with coco butter, white chocolate and (it depending of the darkness u want) dark chocolate by melting them together. Always strain it. Pistol your babies.



Temper your dark chocolate and make your lovely chocolate belt by rolling your chocolate covered plastic and let them cool before y take the plastic off very carefully. Then for more security u can stick the belt to your tart with some chocolate ganache from inside.



Get some peanut and make your praline by blending the nuts with some natural oil in a thermomix till u get pure paste (the same praline u did use for the mousse before). Get some white chocolate and blend together with your praline then fill up your already made “peanut silicon molds”. Leave in the freezer for half an hour then take your fake peanuts out and brush with some golden power. Stick it to the top with some nautral brillo or gelatine.



If u want, now u can eat it. Easy right? :)

Open up your mouth…!

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