Oh My God… where should i start?


I was thinking to my Mum yesterday when people were asking me about “why the hell u came soooo far to Mexico to do pastry?¿” or “Is there not such a place like this in Europe?¿” Yeah yeah yeah… just like my Mum when she was pushing me to choose France or Russia instead of Mexico…  well i have a very simple answer. People with prestige and knowledge in Europe just dont share. They want to be soooo unique and special – so they dont talk with anyone. Or in some cases yes – but u need to pay like horrible amount of money to get inside one of this school or restaurant to pick up some leftover recepies.


Here is different. They share. They teach. They dont want to stand alone in the top of the podium. Its all about the team and how to create better and better sweets and plates and be better and better pastry chefs.

Im here with babies :) Not all of them, but most of the students are still doing school and all of them are mexicans. They look and talk different because they came from very different regions but they all from here. Like a family. I just arrived a bit early cause my team will start in 10 days.

Basically this Pastry Shop and Restaurant is working by teaching. There are like 4 workers who actually get paid for doing this and the rest (around 10 kids i guess) are doing this for love. And for knowledge of course which is priceless! One practise period is for 4 months, so they have new group 3times per year. In the meanwhile the recipes are changing and there is a lots of experimentations.


There are 2 shifts – the morning and the night. The morning team is responsible for the “shop”. We sell millions of macarons, little sexy cakes, tarts like jewelries.

Then there is the night shift – with the real service time and the preparation of the plated desserts. Awesome.

After this little introduction… let me just jump in middle…i started in the night service. When i arrived my first preparation was some fake vanilla pods by using agar and espresso.


Then i made some fake strawberries. Blowing some sugar spheres. Making lemon verbena napkin. Raspberry paper. Fake yuzu honey. etc etc etc etc…

The best part is that we make our own silicon molds (strawberry, peanut, vanilla, apricot seed etc etc). Easy and simple – this is the reason why we can “remake” all kind of ingredients giving them the same shape but playing with different textures.


U know what… its just the beggining of a beautiful friendship. I let the photos to talk.

Open up your mouth…!

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