This would not be that interesing… the method is much more. Women prepair like 20 liters of ·nothingspecial· tea at home then sit outside infront of their door on the street with 5-7 glass glasses filled full – a piece of fruit on the bottom (usually dried cactus-fruit or apricot). U go their and buy one, drink it at once like a shot (or get a take away plastic bag) and continue your way.

I guess u know the whole story behind this – that coca leaf is not addictive and u can not fly away… on the contrary. Local people using coca leaves like medicine – for any kind of problem (stomach, head, high altitude sickness, stress… etc) making a tea or chew the leaves.


Usually made of pork belly or pork rinds – Deep fried “off-cuts” seasoned with garlic, oregano and lemon. Traditionally served with potatoes, corn (mote) and spicy tomato sauce. (cheapest dish we found)


Santiago de Chile, up the hill. Amazing view. People selling interesting stuff: summer time non-alcoholic drink… in a plastic cup… cooked wheat sitting on the bottom with a couple of preserved peaches filled up with the sweetest sugarsyrup i have ever tasted. Impossible to finish 200ml of this clear nectar.


“Peruvian bite of a posh snickers” as i would say… Beach of Paracas. Its a chocolate bonbon originally filled with caramel and pecan nut. Can be dark – of bitter chocolate or white – covered with a layer of sugar. Nowadays u can find millions of different flavours from lemon to rum&raisin.. but the very best is the original. Bite of love.


Not as wide and colorful as it was in Asia a year ago… but we can not complain, just check out the asado stands with antichucos, freshly grilled empanadas or caramelized sweet platanos… cause u know more about a nation thru the passion of life and food. Thats my way to do. :)

Open up your mouth…!

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