Early bus as always. We got in a “we are not sure if its a real taxi” taxi – but it was. The people read soooo many horror stories about being kiddnapped and robbed and violated by local “drivers” who just takes u somewhere out and then going to kick the sh*t out of u with your pin number together… of course it can happen. For this reason try to get a taxi from inside of the terminals and/or call a taxi with an offical company asking the price as well.

There is no compatition between the companies cause they all offer the same thing: dont bother to ask for cheaper option. They will say the same. This thing is alive in all South-America by the way: if u want to exchange money or get a taxi or buy a tour with services. Every single office will offer the same – maybe just the “pack” looks better. There is absolutely no competition, they think its better if everybody gets a tiny piece of the cake, nobody is going to steal a big bite.

So get in the hostel which is in Miraflores (one of the most posh and safe district),  at Lucky Lodge (reccommendation: perfect internet, hot water, clean bed, private room and breakfast included with a receptionist who speaks better English then us :)

Its a capital with 8 million people… so very f*ckin hard to believe that there is no metro. Apppearantly its under construction. What u have got: a fast line in the strada with an always running “bus”… pretty ridiculous. And always packed like shopping center in boxing day.

Again u will find a Placa de Armas on the heart of the city. Everything is clean – the Catacombas are interesting and worth to pay the 10 sol getting in (our tour guide was just simply too enthusiasm). Otherwise… lots of shops and tonns of people. U can try interesting streetfoods on the side of the river or in the Park Kennedy where u should adobt a cute cat (the park is full with abandoned but beautiful kittys). Party time when the sun goes down. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… what else lets see…

There is no transport to the Airport (oficially in 3 years there will be metro connection). A kindof “shuttle bus” excists which takes u from the center to 6 soles (·collectivo·, u can order online and it picks more people up from other hostels) and depending on the traffic it takes 30-60 min to reach the terminals. BUT: to leave some business to the taxi drivers as well – this shuttle bus does not run between 11:00 and 17:00. Be prepaired to order a taxi for 60 sol. Or if u brave like a m*ther f*cker go and try the very local bus. Good luck with that!

Well…. thats all Folks i guess… end of my big adventure of South America! Wish some more time and money to have another round on the North side with Columbia, Equador, Venezuela and the Caribbean… but i need to leave something for next time right?

Because travelling is just never enough. See u next time!

p.s.: gastropart is coming :)

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