No wifi. Love AMAZON.

Last minute decision – first plan was the Colca Canyon but the weather forecast was showing heavy rain – so we changed our mind when we found a very good “amazon offer” in a tour office (i recommend with good feeleings: Vilca Expeditions Manu). 3days and 2 nights into the Manu National Forest only for 260dollars – special price for us! Usually these tours costs around 350-450US.
We backpacked us ready for some more heat, bugs and adventure.


8 of us: minibus, boat, walking in the jungle. We are very impressed – even if its only a kindof petting because we are just dancing on the edge of the real Amazonas of Peru. 80% of the territory is highly protected where basically nothing can go in or out (unknown native groups live there in the heart of the jungle still). Other 15% can be used by tourism and the leftover 5% is still undiscovered but open for researchers. Well, we get some “90% humidity-petting” from the toursist part – it is still unbelievably beautiful and seems untouched.



Pickup at 7am (we did not break the door to the Little gypsy laundry boys at the end).
Our guide, Kathy is a cool woman – knows a lot and speaks good english. The first day we mainly spent on the bus with travelling to the jungle with a couple of stops visiting ruins before the inkas and interesting museums about this region, natives, animals and the National Park. After crossing the “cloud forrest” we reached the “rain forrest” and our lodge for the night at Pilcopata.


Early breakfast (with a massive bowl of fruit salad and bizarr smoothy – we were not brave enough and did not want to sh*t ourself in the middle of the jungle so we sticked to the puffed quinoa and bread w/ jammmmm ). After headed to an Animal Rescue Center where we could actually see, touch and pet these saved-cute-wild animals. Changing the tranport to a boat to jump inside the jungle following Rio Alto Madre de Dios…


Temperature: approx. 30 degrees

Humidity: approx. 90%

We visited a special lake with amazing birdlife using raft to look around in the shallow wáter. I was thinking about my Dad who is crazy for birds. It was just simply chilled. The second nights we spent in another lodge literally in the middle of the rainforest without hot wáter (not a problema if u have 90% humidity believe me) and electricity. Nightwalk done with a couple of interesting visitors.


The plan was to visit a special place where animals love to lick clay from a wall… especially big parrots…  the weather ruined this – it was raining heavily all night and the guide said that animals dont come cause they dont like to”lick wet clay”… unfortunately we couldnt see this so after breakfast we got our boat then our minibus to reached our next overnight bus from Cusco to Arequipa.

Out of the civilization. Pure happiness without wi-fi. Was awesome.


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