One thing u need to know about tour offices…. if u like to control the things, knowing whats happening and be nervous about your strict plains… dont buy any package from any office. U should just go step by step even if it can be slowlier. Trust me!
We bought a tour (as i mentioned before) from Copacabana to Puno – stopping by at the floating islands. We paid 140 boliviano each. Well, THEY ARE PROPER GIPSYES… here is what was happened…

1. we waited at the tour office where we bought the package
2. then the agency (guy called “Max”) “sold us” to a minivan taxi driver to take us to the border
3. we crossed the bolivian and peruvian border individually
4. waited the other side to “anybody” for a pickup
5. “Max” appeared with another group and counting people…
6. he “sold us” to another agency with a big bus traveling to Puno
7. meanwhile he sold us again to another tour office about going to the floating island (only instruction: “Martha”)
8. reaching Puno was chaotic to find the “new office” – leave the bags there and find “Martha”
9. they put us into a taxi and went to the harbour
10. again another company for visiting the floating island (with a guide)
11. luckily they paid for us a taxi back to the terminal where we left our bags (surprisingly were still there!! :)
12. boarding to the next bus which left the terminal at 10pm and reached Cusco at 5am

Very interesting… and very sad… and very ridiculous. The artificial islands made of reed are very cool and interesting: but the whole show with the native family “who is appearantly living there” and dancing and singing and trying to sell u all the colorful “handmade” stuff… crossing a limit. Our limit.

Was OK to see… but they couldnt convince us that they have an ancient life on these cold and wet islands nowadays in tiny bungalows when in a couple of kilometers they can find PUNO (not perfect but still something with heating, hot water and normal food). Hm…. interesting experience. Dont miss it however will disappoint u.

Its a funny name isnt? This little village is situated in a valley pretty close to Machu Pichu now – perfect destination to chill out a bit between inka ruins (to visit the fortress on the side of the mountain they ask more money than to see the machu pichu, 130 sol!!!!) and then start a big adventure to the Holy Place…

Unfortunately i had bad luck and i got pretty sick when we arrived here (i guess it was that breakfast omlette and my exaggerated body with this high altitude sickness…) but i was in bed (while not in the bathroom being sick) for a whole day so i forced myself to be prepaired for Machu Pichu. The weather forecast was looking more than great.


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