Kitchen SWEET Kitchen…

I ve got what i wanted. After 6 months. I find no words to express how grateful i am. How much i adore pastry. And bake. And infuse. And sweet. Nothing is more beautiful than a sound of breaking a thin layer of crispy chocolate. Can u imagine anything nicer than freshly baked puff pastry?

IMG_20150704_123024 (2)

Raspberry&Modena (fresh, mousse, jam, aloe-vera jelly-foam, sable, balsamic modena icecream and infusion)

A couple of days ago was sitting on the bus coming home from work. Was pretty late, around 3am and i was listening my chill out music to chill and cheer me up :) after a long day. In a second i held my hand close to my face… and smelled it. Repeat. Again. And again…

i was smelling sugar and butter.

The two sweetest thing in life. And i was smiling – all the way home. I am sooooo lucky.

IMG_5008 (2)

Strawberry&Basil (dried and fresh strawerries, mustard sable, basil mousse and Verbena icecream)

footnote: no misunderstanding please – i love to be a chef, i am a chef, an absolut normal chef who loves to deal with veggies, fish, meat, sauces… hot or cold section. I LOVE to EAT – SO I LOVE to COOK. But… its not that big pleasure when your man/women/kid would kiss u all over but u smell fish and onion. Your dog would admire u though… :D for sure.


Lemon meringue tart

Now, i ve got this opportunity to run the cold section (mainly the pastry but giving a helping hand anywhere) and working with a pretty cool french pâtissier, Anthony, who teaches me all the little secrets and tricks. I feel im back to school again – and i do enjoy a lot! My only deal is – again – that i wish to spend more time there and try new things!!! ( * we are already spend 12 hours in the kitchen each and every day)


Sooooooooo… i guess i will get a couple of extra kilos in my ass – but gonna be full of happyness-hormon. Lets see how it goes…. :)

footnote: u just can not decide in a day that “im not going to eat any sweet today”. I was trying for a couple of times – but accidentally something always came up (anything new and booombastic to try) asking your opinion etc. Yesterday Anthony had a massive big presentation for a fruit-puree company – he made like 100 icecreams and sorbetes and someone needed to try all….. :O


Apricot&Olive (homemade puff pastry, thyme mousse, apricots sauteed in brandy and dark olive icecream)

KEEP CALM. KEEP EATING SWEETS. (Christmas is coming!!!!! :D)

Open up your mouth…!

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