My dream is to have a food truck … Why?

… Cause i love foodporn… Cause i think U do love foodporn  too…

… And because i dont think u have ever tried…




… Fried MAYO tortilla served w/ a fresh springroll of

chorizo&tuna tartar, oyster sauce, salad of cucumber, thai basil and crunchy daikon… not that u would like it… or try it… :P





U havent lived long enough if u havent met with the sweet Mr. Steamed Bun. As a best company it comes with slow cooked pork ribs (swimming in the kindof miso&soy demi glace), big handful of spring onions, fresh coriander and home-pickled spicy radish… U just cant say no. Mission Impossible.


IMG_4348 (2)


Another massive favorite… Do u have any idea what a tuna ventresca is? Well… Let me introduce u the fattiest part of the Tuna fish… people use to call it as “tuna belly” however this cut is coming from the neck. Just working the same way like a marbled steak. Perfect indulgence. Coming w/ steamed burgerbun, fishy caramel sauce, spicy kimchi salad, coriander and crispy pork floss…. more.




Arepas? From South America? Just soooooo easy and simple that probably u can teach your dog the whole proccess…. :) And look at this magic – the Vegeterian Perfection. Arepas sandwich w/ spiced-roasted squash puree, lentils japanese style, crunchy micro-cress w/ tofu dressing finishing with real (medium power) chili sauce. Whooo-ha-haaaaa…




Another super-healthy stuff? Aubergine – tuna tataki burger. I know i know… people usually dont like aubergines, but if u bake it with a massive spread of miso-tahini spread on the top… u will meet with another face of this purple eggplant. Just mouthwatering. Served with home made salted apricot marmalade, blackbean sauce and beanspouts. And obviously the lightly cooked gorgeous tuna fillet smiling at U.




Last but never the least… My very “home-sweet-home” feeling… with eggy breadcrust sandwich (perfect breakfast – i like just the “littlebitburned” crust outside of the bread – sorry for that :)), pulled pork, spicy cabbage salad, pickled cucumber and…. melting bluecheese all over… everywhere. Makes everything dirty. Dont worry.

We are all dirty. I hope u understand now. This is pure foodporn. And i need a truck. For u. :P

footnote: i make food for myself only once in a week (Sunday=dayoff)… this is what i eat in these “special dayz”…so somehow it needs to make me wet :D





Open up your mouth…!

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