Have u ever faced with your medium rare steak before u had it on your table?

I guess no…. Nobody does.

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Before u start to worry about “OH MY GOD – ANOTHER POST ABOUT BEING VEGETERIAN PLEASEEEE”… its nothing like this. I simply want to show u what we do put on your table in reality.

Let me start at the beggining – how lucky we are – and not just cause we gonna have a brand new – refurbished kitchen as a playground from September, but to build this up – we needed to close the business for almost 2 months (IN THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 35 DEGREES, SPARKLING NATURAL WINE AND SANDY BEACH, BARCELONA… imagine how we suffer… :) But to use a bit of our officially “paid holiday” – the kitchen team decided to go and visit all the reachable suppliers. It turned out an unexpectedly good team-building project.

We are a few at the moment – the Boss Cheftor (Hector but sometimes Sextor, depending on the time, place and reservations for the night :), Jordiii San”( PastryPolitician, the Catalanest Catalan with a hint of sex addiction) and me (people are just passing thru the kitchen most of the time…). And before we kindof met just and only in the kitchen – i found surprisingly stimulating spending time together, meeting with “phone-voices” (while doing orders every night) and finally talking about the products from face to face.

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An experience unforgetable – i truly believe to see and touch the thing/ingredient/animal and see where it is coming from with the sweaty work by the people who put all of their life in — teach u to handle their products with the biggest respect as possible.

Lets start then… MEAT.  — Cal Tomas

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Family business in 3 generations.

They work with different types of meat (like lamb, chicken and pork) – to make huge selection of yummy sausages (here in Spain they call “embutidos” – and its actually not just sausages but all types of processed meat – raw or cooked from head to toe). At Monvinic we do serve a lovely plate of this selection – however the REAL DEAL is the BEEF MEAT. This is the place where our loved Fillet Wellington, Canelon, Sweetbread born.

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The Family have like a ranch of cows up to the mountain at Sort (close to Andorra in North Spain), around 250 “cows” and 5-7 “bulls”. What really makes them special – that they keep their “ladies and gentlemen” to love each other like papa and mama while working only with the teenagers (1 year old for girls, couple of months more for the boys because of the fat percent) as a meat product. They do ecological “happy meat”….. what is that exactly?

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Ecological – mainly because they dont treat the animals – no chemicals and nothing. Obviously if a sickness appears – they separate the animal, treat properly and sell it. Their food is pretty organic as well – eating grass all year – enriched with some cereals for the colder winter times. And because they keep always the “parents” – they can controll the bloodline from the very beggining. Happy meat? Well… they live in a f8ckin” big territory without any kind of danger and… sorry for that, but basically f8ckin all year around. Thats all they do.

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But yes. We saw the “lucky bitches” on the top of the mountain sunbathing – and yes, we saw the barn with the teenangers waiting … waiting for their time to come. And yes. It was not that cheerful at all. Pfffff…. u need to take a deep breath while looking into their eyes, realizing that they kindof know whats happening – and they dont wanna die – but must accept that there is no way out.

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Makes me feel bad. Makes us feel bad. Makes a couple of people vegetarian. I guess to balance it out. Cause there is no other way. We had been made like this. To eat meat. The problem is not this. We are guilty to have no limits. To kill more what we need to stay alive – much more whats necessary. And this is exactly the truth – why we should feel shame. Not for the heavenly beef-lasagne or chicken curry what we ate yesterday – but for the tonns&tonns of food whats going to waste by put in the bin each and every day. We should just stop bullshitting by becoming vegetarian, pescatarian and sun-energy eater vegan idiot!!! Nothing else needed just a minute break and a bit of brain. Think. It is only us – u and me – who can change this.

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Anyway… i really dont want to ended up talking like a superradical green-peace member. Dont stop eating meat – MEAT IS GOOD, IT TASTE LIKE NOTHING ELSE and our body needs it. Eat good stuff like this. My main point was Cal Tomas – the strong family who built up a stronger business respecting humans and nature as well. Well done. I feel proud to use their quality meat in our kitchen.

At the end of the story…. i wanted to adopt Kukiiii – a young bull who was the only without any fear licking my hand in the barn… i would adopt him even if i knew that my dinner still could be a fingerlicking medium rare <T-bone steak….


Mr. Fillet Wellington

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