Hm…. I spent almost 30 years in my life without trying bone marrow. At least i did not know if i had ever eaten before in any occasion.

Anyway…. these dayz are over. U should dig yourself in a dirty big bone as well. Simply cause its good.

Centuries ago traditions already existed using bone marrow as a delicacy (invented a special bone marrow scoop at the 18th). Mainly find as an ingredient for soups or the best and simpliest way to serve on toast with herbs and seasalt. Nothing else needed. Just lick your fingers.

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Call your butcher for bones with this magic inside – not even expensive. He should be nice and cut your bones as u wish to make it easier to serve. Its a really cool tapas to start with in a dinner party for example, needs easy preparation and wins big attention. Arrange your bones on a tray and roast in your oven – 200 degrees around 15-20 minutes (when the marrow gets creamy). If u lazy – just put them in a big plate and serve it with toast and seasalt. If u fancy some fancy – can be served as in a restaurant, with some beef tartar and/or caper&parsley salad.

IMG_3868 (2)IMG_3872 (2)

Dancing around my ideas what to try… really hard to choose between the bone marrow butter – ravioli or another “seemscrazyidea” of Noma with a smoked fudge (even an icecream is possible). Hm. Lets see the butter first and then…. Well…. no place for doubt, we are going for a fudge. Yum Yummmmmm

Cause everyone loves fudge. FUDGE FUDGE FUDGE!

IMG_5291 (2)

I was prepairing really carefully – get some raw bone marrow – soak in the water for a couple of dayz to get rid of all the blood (changing the water regularly) then smoke it carefully. I did it with coffee beans and cinnamon but not longer than 20 minutes. Its really delicate and gets bitter f*cking quick. By this time some of it should be melt (its fat anyway) – so i let it drain.

Lets do the fudge! Heat up your cream, sugar, salt and glucose to 108degrees – then add your smoked bone marrow with butter. Stir it evenly, strain it and season with some cider vinegar. Let it cool down. And enjoy i guess. :D

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