I had some leftover fresh blood and i really wanted to try something else then the “actuallyamazing” chocolate-blood pudding from the last time.

As i read the Nordic LAB blog (Noma) decided to try at least 2 more things with SANGRE…. one is a nice icecream and the other is Creme Brulee. I did, we tried.

Without using any egg i cooked (steamed-baked) out the mix which contains cream, milk, sugar, blood and vanilla.

I was not totally satisfied with the result – mainly because the numbers referring the substitution of egg to blood mentioning the ratio of whole egg (or whites in the case of making meringue). BUT IN THIS CASE I WOULD NEED THE RATIO OF YOLK – which i could not find anywhere. So i did use the substitution number of a whole egg (65 grams of blood does the job of one egg – normally 58 gram).

I guess it was not enough, we must use more to get the result thicker (me personally liked the less creamy cream). The other problem is the really strong iron flavor appearing in your throat – which would be more stronger using more blood to solve the first problem…. increasing the second one. I would suggest to try a good flavor-connection like orange or smoked almonds for example. The crazy Swedish said instead of making it sweet – why not trying a savory “cream royal” or so…. So lets keep interesting and experimenting.

20150430_143731I LOVE PLAY.

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