Bloody hell…. ***

Finally the time had came… The time i was looking for ages… having many crazy ideas about… but finally i ve got it.

I have got fresh blood. * So lets play.


Blood is not a new thing — surprisingly still seems like a taboo in people^s eyes… however it exists since we eat meat. The difference is between countries: choose to keep the traditional way of respecting animals by using all parts of them after slaughter or choose to ignore and waste half of the body (parts what u dont know how to use so better chuck in the bin right?). Anyway, im not here to judge. Im here to show u how great is to work with blood.

20150325_135222 (2)

To catch up a little knowledge: we eat blood all around the world. I almost forgot my childhood picture when we slaughtered the poor pig in the very early morning, the whole family with relatives and friends gathered together and the breakfast was fried onion with fresh pig^s blood and boiled potatoes. Huh… i hated it. Ok – i was a kid. Now i would love that again!

So u can check out a couple of interesting and very traditional food here. Finding soups (everywhere!!!), pancakes (Scandinavia), sauces (Asia, France) – most popular is the form of blood sausage i guess. Everyone knows what a black pudding is (England) – far not as good as my favorite morcilla from Sierra Nevada (Granada), but u might never guess: in every country they keep this tradition alive – or at least trying to, check this out.

IMG_4787 (2)

Lets talk a bit about the blood itself. How does it work?

Lately i found a very good article about a research (obviously at the Nordic Food Lab in Noma). They have been talking about to substitute the egg with blood (cause they both are high in protein and have got albumin which gives them a very similar reaction to thickening – whipping etc etc.) especially to consider the fact that nowadays more and more people suffering from egg-intolerance. And its good to prevent anaemia as well (iron in the body). So these crazy guys have been experimenting a lot with blood – with some success i guess, u can see here – unfortunately for now i have no option to try these inside of the walls at Noma :). Although i would not mind to try to make this icecream… yum yum.

IMG_4801 (2)

But lets just stick to the reality for now. I have my job at my new restaurant Monvinic* (blog is coming soon) and i did what i had been told before. So i made the most boring morcilla in my life (the cheapest of course). Sorry to say that – but i used dried bread, blood, salt, pepper and cumin. Hm…. no more love. Because for me Morcilla is much more. Like i post my version before, i love to add potatoes, nuts (especially pine nut), dried fruits (raisins), onion, garlic, paprika as a base, than spice up with chilli, pepper and cacao… this is how it should be in my world. But in this case our little plate of tapas would cost 3 times more than now. So understandable from the point of number. I just see from the point of the chef.

IMG_4814 (2)

Anyway – i made my morcilla with 5 liters of blood (to be honest it was just 4’7, cause i stole a bit for me to show u something really cool – if u keep reading) and two bags of crusty bread. It was like a savoury bread&butter pudding. Crush everything together then bake it in the oven carefully – not let it dry out. After we cut it into cubes and sear the sides just before we plate up – so outside crunchy while inside creamy – served with a spicy pea-broth.


But let me show u something much more interesting… the sweet what i was just dreaming of till today…. Sanguinaccio Dolce.

IMG_4844 (2)

A very very traditional italian recipe and they already used blood instead of eggs to cook out a chocolaty custard. This is just soooo easy to make (and obviously pretty special) that i am seriously surprised not to see it anywhere on the menu…. and to be honest u dont really need to be Italian to like this. I tried it once in my life before in London at Bocca di Lupo with my old team at YumYumNinja – they served this pudding in a tiny pot with pine nuts and sugared orange peel. Since then i love it. Cause its special.

IMG_4871 (2)

U just need milk, blood, sugar and chocolate. To make it fancy? Orange peel, cinnamon. Cook like a custard slowly – it start to thicken around 75-78 degrees, like the egg. Cook it for a couple of minutes, strain and pure it in fancy glasses or tiny serving pots – let it cool down and set in the fridge. Serve it with maldon sea salt and crusty bread.

IMG_4880 (2)IMG_4888 (2)

Get all your friends around for a dinner party and make u the dessert – after (or before)  dont necessary need to mention whats in the tiny little pots. Let them find out – it is really yummy pudding – and leaves a little hidden metallic taste in your mouth. :D


3 responses to “Bloody hell…. ***”

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  3. This is beyond doubt the most bizarre post of yours so far…!
    Whipped blood – what the actual hell?!?!

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