its small.

its burnt.

its ugly.

hmmmm… i dont know.


its french.

its pastry.

its love.

its actually 2 bites.

and its amazing.

We all know that everything is better with more sugar, more butter and more cream. This is how french people thinks. This is very true about french pastry. Best is the world – with reason.

This went thru my mind when i met my first cannelle in my life. The scene was pretty much like the Mc*macaron story. JUST BECAUSE ITS SMALL AND SIMPLE. And thats exactly why its great. And f*cking hard to conceive with a very special technic. Basically – everyone can do it, but never at first time.

IMG_4736 (2)IMG_4744

The technic: u need a very hot oven (around 200) and special copper molds (they say u can use aluminium, even silicone however…. better not). Fill your molds with oil (beeswax) and preheat them in the oven – after u empty them and fill with “the mixture” and quickly back in the oven. Can take easy a 20-40 minutes till they rise up and caramelize.

“The mixture”: secret. Hehehehehehe – sorry. At least the one what we are using in the restaurant. But do not worry – there is a plenty flying around on the internet like this.  Its a really yummy pancake mix, – but it needs to be done one day ahead to sit in the refrigerator. U warm up your milk, butter with vanilla pods – meanwhile mix the flour with the brown sugar, beat the eggs in and poor the warm milk on it. Add your rum and mix till u get a creamy smooth batter, strain and leave to rest in the fridge minimum 24 hours. Nothing difficult.

IMG_4739 (2)

IMG_4751 (2)tipp: after u left the little ones cool down the easiest way to take them out (and make sure they cooked properly :)) to smash the molds to the table – looks crucial but works perfectly, dont worry

Dark and almost crunchy caramel outside – white and creamy custard inside to melt in your mouth. Yeah. French. Yeah. Awesome. Thanks for the in canauliers in Bordeaux who invented this bite of love.

IMG_4776 (2)p.s.: muchas gracias Jordi (our beloved pastry chef)

Open up your mouth…!

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