BBQ inside the house?¿ F8ck YEAH!

Continue a bit our journey in Asia… i found one more super-interesting feast to share… the “Korean style BBQ“. I do not want to mislead u with the name – but i guess this, the Korean is the most popular and traditional name of it (and yes – if u search in google u will find something similar, what im gonna talk about). So its not really Korean – i ve never been in Korea – we found this in Cambodia and Laos as well as a local fun resource. And this is fun for real – i mean u pay the prize, they prepair everything and let u cook your own dinner. We tried this once in Cambodia (our first Khmer-style dinner was awesome) and second time in the mountains of Laos – this was more authentic cause they provided a bucket of real fire as well to place in a hole in our table. Really really cool.


U can find two basic types: 1. when u are BBQ your ingredients, and 2. when u get a soup and cook your things inside. Both are fun. Normally u can choose if u want meats, seafood or both. The meat usually a huge piece of fat – to cook with, pork, chicken, beef and buffalo. Not many options of seafood: prawns and squid. And of course the garnish what was always the same: pak choi leaves, cabbage, dried noodles, enoki mushrooms, eggs and the soup of course. Some seasoning was part of the deal – spicy sauce and peanut dipping. Yum.

IMG_2692 (2)

So first we saw the people doing it – and we wanted to try. The locals were soooo nice and showed us the way how they do – but the best thing is that u do however u want to – no rules. Ok, obviously there are an order which things goes first and second – but at the end of the story u just feel your stomach in a way u want. Let me explain a bit…

IMG_2696 (2)

U get your BBQ pot in front of u – fire/heat  underneath. First u put a big piece of fat on the top and try to cover the surface with grease (i dont know why but these special pots are made from aluminium so every single thing stuck on it like crazy). Then pour some vegetable stock on the side of the pot. And now u choose what u want to eat.

IMG_2700 (2)

Can cook noodles and vegetables in the boiling soup, meanwhile u put a couple of slices of meat on the top next to the fat… turning around some prawns, smash an egg in the soup…. and no hurry… its a pretty long meal. U sit, talk, cook, eat and so on. Do not put everything at once – u will overcooked them. This is how u can control – the heat is steady.

IMG_2706 (2)

I enjoyed it soooo much every single time. And u have your little bowl in front of u where u put your stuff from the BBQ, u can mix, add sauce and eat. Whoever invented this: “i love u”.

p.s.: maybe we can buy this pot online?¿ :D

Open up your mouth…!

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