I need to interrupt my chapters about the travel in Asia…. but i think u will going to forgive me. I need to introduce u the best ·burger· in my life.

Its not a hamburger at all. Much more. I have the influence of Asia and of Barcelona of course – where i am trying to settle now. So the job hunting is a very hard activity – i need some break to relax… this is the moment when my new ·burgerbun· born…

I m gonna be honest. I do not like hamburger. For this simple reason, i do not eat hamburger. And i did not want to make hamburger – such a coincidence hm? But i had something else in my mind – and after a couple of dayz brainstorming… it called for a final burger.

The other thing in my mind was a piece of protein. The main ingredient… No meat at all. Its fish – it is a huge tuna rib – i dont think it has got a proper English name, u can call it tuna belly or more well-known the Japanese expression:  Toro.

IMG_4285 (2)

This is my main influence of Barcelona – seems that nowadays people love to discover new parts of animals what they used to throw away before. Like this cut of the tuna – the fattiest piece what u can easily imagine as a piece of pork. The cut comes behind the fin of the fish – u can call it rib when u have the bone with it. Beautiful piece – like a wagyu beef – has got its marbling characteristics (like a thin net of fat covers all the meat). Thats exactly what i tried 2 times in posh restaurants and i wanted to try by myself – just needed to spend 30 euros for half kilo hehehehhe :).

IMG_4297 (2)IMG_4305 (2)

Unfortunately i cant really tell u the secrets how to prepair – not because i dont want but cause i can not. Our oven is f8cked up totally – i think that the thermometer just stopped working so if u turn it on – will goes on the highest temperature in 10 minutes. Anyway – i guess that ideally (obviously depending on the size of your cut) around 45 minutes should be enough at 160degrees… I turned my oven on with the fish already inside (in a ceramic ramekin covered with the sauce and cling film) and was definitely ready in 40 minutes.

IMG_4287 (2)

We all know how real hamburger looks like… should not even waste a single word to describe it. Well – mine looks a bit different. First of all – i made my bun. Not as hard as u think – just time consuming. I was planning to steam anyway (instead of baking in the oven) – so i purchase some good quality flour (low in gluten) and for the perfection – some black sesame seeds. So my bun basically done with a bit of fresh yeast, soda bicarb, fat and almost fermented wheat-milk. Its just soooo sexy, has got exactly the opposite make up like a normal bun (mine is white like a snow cause of the steaming and has got dark dots of the black sesame seed — not a brown shiny bun of baking with white dots of white sesame seed….). And i do love to steam buns – has got much more sweetness – which is pretty useful if u are going to work with lots of saltiness like i do.

IMG_4316 (2)

steamed buns:

  • 600g flour
  • 1 big tbsp fresh yeast
  • around 300ml warm water (i used the wheat-milk)
  • 1tsp soda bicarb
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 6tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp good quality fat
  • i do not use salt here – but u can put a pinch if u like


IMG_4318 (2)

I tried a super Vietnamese recipe… the sauce i cooked the steak in… i made a fish-caramel and later poached onions, garlic and ginger in it. U just need a big piece of palm sugar and a bottle of fish sauce (all my friends hate me when im using it because of the smell… hehe – but its just pure umami… sorry guyzzzz:))))).

caramel sauce:

  • 900g brown palm sugar chopped into pieces
  • 600ml fish sauce (nam pla)
  • whatever u like, onions, garlic, ginger chilli etc etc…

—- start to make your caramel out of the sugar (slowly if u dont wanna burn it), when it starts to bubble – carefully add your fish sauce, stir couple of times and done – add your onions just at the end if u want to keep some crunchiness, the temperature is still hot enough to poach —

IMG_4320 (2)Really important: a bit of green – a bunch of fresh coriander – as we like it a lot. No fuss. However i have friends who just hate this herb like the evil. Ok, i dont mind if u use just normal salad leaves as u get used to with normal “american style” hamburgers. Pfffffffffffffffffffffffff…. shame though. :P

IMG_4324 (2)Like a glory on the top – approx. 250g slow cooked tuna toro – its possible that the 40 minutes i gave to this piece was a bit more than enough – BUT its sooooo rich in fat that seems impossible to dry it out. The texture was like butter, do not need to bite cause its melting between your lips.

IMG_4336 (2)

Last but never the least – our old friend, Mr. Kimchi is coming around again. We need that mild spiciness and acidic fermentation for balance.


  • 1 nappa cabbage chopped
  • 2tbsp salt
  • 2tbsp sugar

———- mix and rest overnight – wash the next day ——————–

  • 100g sugar
  • 20 crushed garlic cloves
  • 20 slices of ginger
  • 50g chilli flakes
  • 4tbsp fish sauce (i use a good amount)
  • 4tbsp soy sauce
  • 100ml pineapple juice
  • 2tbsp salted shrimps
  • 50g chopped spring onions
  • 75g julienne carrots
  • 2 shredded apples

———- marinate all together, u can start to taste after a week ——————-

IMG_4339 (3)

Dont forget about the crunchiness: if u are as lucky as i am having everything crazy in the cupboard – use some amazing crunchy pork floss. Others can use any kind of fried nuts. Will do.

IMG_4348 (2)

I finished my bun with a thin layer of peanut butter. Sorry. I just love it. And it does give the final touch (ok ok ok – i dont look so u can put some mayonnaise now) hehehehehehe…..


IMG_4365 (2)

Well… nothing left… ENJOY LIKE I DO. LIKE A PIG. :D


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