Every week my head-chef ask me about next week·s menú…. what would i put in?¿ Heh…. every week i give him a millions of ideas – but at the end of the story – the same old dishes coming back to say hi one more time…. And its happening again. And again. And again… And he makes me sooooo angry with this bullsh*tting every single week… so i reached a point not to give him any advice. It would be great – but its not my job anyway…


This happened a couple of weeks ago when i was in pastry – and i was trying to creat a nice refreshing pre-dessert…. had an idea to try it on the cheap menú – see the reaction of people….

It is a plate with pumpkin – honey – buttermilk (pretty light and fit to winter with perfection).

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – i made it – not a big surprise that my headchef didnt like it. He didnt like anything i do. Well – its not just about me…. he doesnt like anything whats not his idea. pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff – driving me crazy. But its ok – u can get use to it. I did finish the dish for my sake.


Gingerbread-honey crumble with roasted crushed pumpkin seeds, honey-buttermilk foam, spiced pumpkin icecream and isomalt decoration ( honey-lace and pumpkin-oil tear – which works as a dressing of the plate).


Light and simple with a little extra care (i had not much time to prep for the picture so for the crumble i used honey-glazed cornflakes for  example :))))))


I was extremly satisfied with the result. :P

Only wish left: to share my plate…. :)


Open up your mouth…!

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