I never believed that we gonna win a st*r. Dont know why…. maybe cause the idea of having a Michelin st*r seems soooooooooooooooooo far away…. but we did.

And u know what??¿¿ We f8ckin· deserved it – so well done! Honestly: if we dont win anything now with that much work we have done (not rarely 70 hours a week – lately having just one day off) — than we will never ever do….


And we just realize the difference now between get a job in an already  ·st*rred· restaurant or working in a place and winning one with all of your sweat and blood. Greatest feeling i ever had! And soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of all of US, we make a really GREAT TEAM!


The always talking story-teller Young Headchef – Marcel from Germany –

The always quiet Handsome – Pablo from Madrid –

The always loud Flamenco King – Pablo Armando from Granada –

The always crazy Creative –  Adrian from Granada –

The always precize Sweetness – Loli Queen from Mallorca

The always in the next pub KP – Jordi…

( the always rebellious ·bitch of the kitchen· – Cati from Hungary :))))


I should mention a lot more people to thank for making us better like Little Pao who is the greatest helper ever, Big Mike who is a walking ·GOOGLE· with full of knowledge, OMG Cris who is having his sugar rush all the time…. i need to mention here all the service stuff as well of course – even if kitchen and floor always have a lots of problems and fights – they have this st*r just like us (DANTE, Mike, Ignacio, David, Sergio, Ana, Miguel, Laia etc etc… who made the people fell special with us).


Hm…. and where are we going now??¿¿

Thats a really good question – i would like to know as well. We reached the first st*r (only place in Palma de Mallorca by the way). It was really hard because of some pretty harsh circumstances… i can say – we feel that in this environment its imposible to do more. So till we are doing 60 covers with the amount of plates that enough to the 1/3rd of customers – which means yeah – we need to run and wash our plates otherwise we cant serve our dish) in a busy saturday night – all stay the same. Inside of the walls we are trying cool stuff and new technics with foams-jellies-powders-smokes… but we gonna need serious changes if the ·company· decides to let us play our game to go for another st*r…. :P ç

·hope dies last·

2 responses to “Let·s get st*r·ed! :)”

  1. Marty Avatar

    Amazing job Kat!!!
    I am sooooo soooo happy for you: finally you are in a place you deserve (and vica versa)!
    I always knew that you’re fantastic and one day you’d have your Michelin Star!
    Well done chicken!

    1. Kat Avatar

      thank u Baby! i miss u though….

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