Finally. Challange. Excepted. Completed.

Long long time ago… i can still remeber that only one thing i could never achive…. baking a proper macaron.

All the time i tried… i failed. So i needed to accept the fact – its not gonna be an easy run. It needs soooo much work  (and time and money)- that after one fail u dont put all your effort again straight away.

I loved the idea that i have a dessert on next week – a coffee cup mousse which i decided to serve with a cute little macaron. So challenge started. Try again – with all the proper equipment at this time.


And to make it with a twist – instead of egg whites – i was trying a récipe with Albumin powder.

I dont know if u can imagine a service day in a restaurant kitchen – but its def not like at home – u need to do million things in the same time – pretty hard to concéntrate on one special proccess… but i tried.

I tried and – not surprise – i failed. Again. First the little meringues looked pretty sexy – till they cracked and collapsed. Disappointed. Very. Very very…

But lets do it again! This is the best chance to try as many times as posible – till i reach what i want. So next day – preprep (takes the longest time) and jump in it again. I had an idea where my macarons failed at first time – so corrected the récipe how i felt and put all my effort again. And finally yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss….



I know its still not 100% perfect – but pretty close – and i am soooooooo proud like never before! I just hope that have another chance during the week to try it again – with more experience now. For the total perfection.

2 responses to “Mc^”

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