Well well well….

I smell autum in the air – knocking in our door….

I was trying to convince my boss how much i need a surprise on my plate any time i eat – otherwise i wont remember the dining experience at all…. and the idea just found me… the idea of a caramelized onion icecream…


I think its a great idea to use vegetables for sweets – not just the same fruits all the time. The vegetables are sexy, healthy and has got their own sugar contant which could work extremely well with other stuff on a same plate. U dont need to go too far – think about the good old friend: Mr. Carrot Cake. Plenty of veg are waiting u to discover them and go crazy. At the end of the story it always depends on the environment: what u feel sweet in your dish…. or not.

Because of this i have my opinión that the onions are pretty sweet things. Millions of different types excist – and they strong enough to scare u away… dont let it happen! Imagine the kitchen without them! They are like the base of all – i hardly make any food without – cause everything is better with them! But cut this story short… i decided to make a beautiful caramelized onion icecream – actually i did use shallots to make it a bit friendlier and maple syrup for a deeper hint :)))


I find this sensation pretty warm in my palette… like the autum itself… just in front of us. How can i make a memorable dessert with my new creation but without making people feel weird of it? What goes well with onion and can be dessert? The answer was so damn easy….

CHEESE. U know there are weird people who eat cheese-board for sweet? Yeah… could never understand them – i DO LOVE CHEESE a lot – but i rather eat as a starter and finish with chocolate. I am that f8ckin simple. So luckily i ve just got some beautiful fresh eco goatcheese from Granada. Must go heavenly with my icecream… no question – making a creme brulee effect using my blowtorch. But still missing some real sweetness from the dish…. FIG! Fig is amazing with cheese in any circumstances. And if we are talking about figs and cheese – cant miss one of my very favourite nut, King of every autum, Mr. Walnut. Thats it – my dish has been completed. The base is a slice of walnut brioche which can soak in all the home-made porto-fig jam. On the top it sits the creme brulee-d fresh goatcheese sprinkled with walnuts to hold the caramelized onion (made with maple syrup) icecream quenelle. For color and freshness i put a piece of very sweet and sexy fig on the side, Done.

If i have any comment of this?


My boys loved it … “Esta buonissimo!”

Only footnote: the icecream smells pretty heavy… i mean like really “oniony”…. this part is the hardest part when u eat this. <Not to think of a bowl of curry :P But this is definitely surprise on your plate. And not in a bad way. :P

Open up your mouth…!

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