Sooooo… i had no time to do anything recently – having 2 good reasons for that. One is the neverending job and endless shifts at work.. the other is that i had been operated recently.


Its not the scene to talk about the health and hospital situation here in Spain/Mallorca/Palma – however i can field hundreds of pages with my experienses and facts with opinions…- but let me skip this part. I am still pretty weak and helpless.


In the next couple of days hopefully i recover without any problem – and staying home gives me a tiny time to share some good stuff with u guys. At the end of the story the summer is here – we should enjoy every minute!!!! :)

So lately the boss bought a massive big bucket of freeze-dried raspberries. We quickly started to play with the idea… when u have a perfect flavour with an unexpected texture. Making a pistachio ras el hanout was the next step. This followed by a refreshing lemon curd for the base of all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe crown of this can not be anything else but my ‘sparkling’ raspberry sorbet (which i made with really really sparkling cider – thats why its unbelievable  light and fresh. Top of all? Just to pull the line a little bit more further… We could actually get some very cute finger limes – which has it meat in little caviar balls separated to each other. This is really working as a surprise when it blows in your mouth (mind) licking the best sorbet ever…. :P


Pretty perfect sweet plate for a really hot summer day/night…

Que Aproveche Chicos!


Open up your mouth…!

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