Yes yes yes – i know. And i hate myself not to have time to create nice things and share it here in the blog…


To be honest i am creating cool things – but in my restaurant at Simply Fosh in more or less 60 hours a week… which is pretty bad in a “noprivatelife” point of view. So that is my only reason why i seem too lazy here nowadays.

Could be understandable not to touch a knife out of my working hours i guess. However i always want to – even if at the end of the day we are always ended up in a bar drinking ice summer wine and eating stupid small bites.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo now – here in front of all – i apologies. And i promise – i will try my best to keep u entertained (even if i need to ‘steal’ ideas from my job)!!!

p.s.: confit duck&foie gras terrine w/ cherry, gingerbread, micro herbs and spiced salt

Open up your mouth…!

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