The most impressive sideman i have ever met….

Most of us have the same opinion in the kitchen about our little pre-dessert… saying that probably the best combination of flavours in the whole menu. Let me introduce the little Salmuera Princess – just how we call…

Salmuera means BRINE – water with high salt concentration. Basically. Well – we use this to make that “famous” marinated moroccan preserved lemons. This is the main flavour of this sweet cream i like sooooo much!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst of all – everything starts to make a nice and smooth creme anglaise. Meanwhile u cut the pulp and skin of your salty lemons – the parts what u re actually gonna use (the white is still bitter) and just let it infuse. Couple of hours – overnight. Thats all – dont need to blend together because the flavour is strong enough – believe me, my boyfriend licked the spoon and it blowed his mind away – only cause he was expecting plain vanilla. Oh, by the way: this thing does not work for those, who does not like the sweet&salty combo. Sorry. If u would never try a bacon-maple pancake or a chocolate&salted peanut turmix better forget about this one. But pleaseeeeeeeee… give it a go.

So the cream done – lets serve it!


Sprinkle the top with hazelnut crushed together with dukkah spicemix…


Place a quenelle of a “homemade” nice and acidic cherry sorbet…


And finally pour a tiny bit of caramel on the top flavoured with the mystical ras el hanout …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo let me introduce our little pre-dessert on the menü. A real tiny palette cleaner with unexpected flavour-combinations. Only for this – worth to come to our (absolutely not cheap) restaurant. See u soon! :D

p.s.: i made a gorgeous icecream out of this! More refreshing – if its possible…. :P


Open up your mouth…!

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